someone used being french as an excuse for why they were being a dick

this is hilarious to me, in retrospect.

lewd but not fun or good. sad and tragic 

I've been browsing fetlife recently to find pretty people to admire and stumbled on the profile of a person who is only 19, posts a lot of nudes, and posts a lot about how they just want to be used by men; first I thought it was a hot kink thing, but then I noticed her protruding ribs, and how desperate she was for validation, and it wasn't hot anymore. It was just sad. That this woman has internalized such toxicity, and only finds value in being used.

Gibson's gerbil needs a break.

I expect H.t will return after the gerbil has been rehydrated and returned to the wheel.

No one wants the predictions of doom to be right.

Least of all the person declaring them.

past personal relationship 

I was looking through chat history with my ex-partner to figure out where I've lived in the past 5 years, and it hit me harder than I expected it to.

Looking through our conversations with each other and seeing how I drifted apart from someone I cared about, how I wasn't able to meet their needs and how, as time passed, I fell farther into an apathetic complacency.

I've grown as a person. I wish I'd been able to treat them better.

doomer shit 

I predict widespread healthcare collapse before end-of-year.

Mark your calendars and don't get sick or have any chronic conditions... you have control over those things right?

So far healthcare systems in Texas, Florida, and Idaho are failing. I think that's just the start.

personal relationships, sui ment 

Frustrated because one of my partners is in really bad health and having difficulty caring for their kids, and wants to give away their kids to someone and then become a hermit so they can kill themselves slowly by just letting themselves die

and I'm really frustrated and want to tell them to let people help them instead of convincing themselves that being miserable is actually a desirable condition.


tripping on acid today, probably going to be away most of the day.


shook by someone challenging me to the horny throne

Don't have my own sticker printer, so I'm ordering custom printed stickers from a local business.

Feel like such a nard, "uhm, could you center the circle-A design within the sticker for me?"

poop joke 

I need to drop off a load at the porcelain repository.

I think that a lot of people find comfort in assuring themselves that things within their control are outside of their control, and that a challenge to someone to take control of their circumstances is a challenge to our worldview, which we tend to reject outright.

body grossness, lactose intolerance 

Apparently a thing I do:

Consume milk-based products and commit war crimes against myself.


Looking at old pictures of myself.

Damn, I'd fuck me.

I'd fuck me now, of course, but damn.

(lewd joking) To Whom It May Concern: 

You inquired for further information in response to my email entitled "no one has ever eaten your ass to its fullest extent"

I assure you that any further inquiries can be resolved in the title of my previous email.

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