I found this for sale and it's absolutely perfect. Just wish I had the money.

I'd call it the High Voltage Banana

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Once you go down the "passive consumption" route, social media stops being social.

Instead it becomes television. And television sucks.

It's a one way window where a talking head speaks to you -- but you can't speak back.

Why would anyone want this -- and pretend this is in any way "social"?

"Social" implies a two way conversation. If it's one way, the "social" is a facade.

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My favorite thing from Star Trek Discovery

How to start a dialogue with the Klingons

Step 1: shoot first

Step 2: having proven you're not fucking around, demand an audience with the leader.

Step 3: attempt to kill them

Step 4: leave before you die, having proven again that you are not fucking around, and also possess cunning

You've heard of the winds of change?

Well, get ready for the Calamitous Gale of Transformation!

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Calamitous Gale would be a great band name, or even better, villain name.

It's so windy it sounds like I'm sitting in this camper as it's moving down the freeway.

I will ruin everything and when I am done, you will see that it was never anything except a pile of lies anyway.

France stuff 

Here's a fun fact, Paris was designed to make rebellions more difficult to start, and easier to put down.

While the US interstate system was established to move military personnel and materials quickly and easily, Paris's wide boulevards were meant to make barricades less feasible, while also enabling the government to rapidly mobilize troops.

Also lol get fucked macron.

Lewd joking 

Sex? Yes, please.

Gender? No thanks, my mom warned me against making deals with fae.

Being right doesn't absolve me of being an asshole.


It's funny because we're all dying of isolation, loneliness, alienation, and emotional disconnection.

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The joke is that a home that has an independent structure but which directly abuts an adjacent building on at least one side can be referred to as a "semi-detached home"

Bonus, thanks to urban sprawl and yards, semi-detached homes aren't very common in the US

You could say that where Europeans get to have semi-detached homes, Americans get to have emotionally-detached homes


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American families mostly live in emotionally-detached homes lol

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Wealth inequality doesn't just hurt the poor, it also hurts the wealthy

beyond the wasted resources inherent to poverty, fewer people who you can socialize with, et cetera.

The people I think are hurt most by extreme wealth inequality are the children of abusive parents, rich or poor

No personal resources to support yourself outside of people who want to hurt you. Poverty is not easy, but with the right skills it can survivable, but only if you learned those skills. Kids of rich abusive parents are not going to teach their kids the skills needed to survive poverty.

There's some irony in the children of the most wealthy being the ones most hurt by wealth inequality when such a large part of the rationale for hoarding resources is to give a better life for your kids

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@Anarkat Learning self-direction is vital to exercising agency.

So for youth to learn to exercise agency, the forms of youth subjugation must be negated, while at the same time the energy that allows teaching and learning self-direction must be fostered.

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Weird times that I gotta tell this to people on Fedi

But Facebook is not coming to Fedi because they want to administer a good, responsible, instance that regards other well-run instances as peers and equals, and has policies that aim to respect the autonomy and values of its users and other instance's users right?

Facebook has ulterior motives

You know that, right?

Please tell me you that I don't have to convince you of that

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I'm in Omelas, and I'm trying to find my way out. I can see it, the glittering city. It promises everything I've ever wanted.

I know what it actually has to give me is whatever it needs to get me to stay.

Everything I've ever wanted is no match for what I want now.

Because what I want now is for all to be free, and that's impossible, so long as I stay.

So I free myself.
I free others.
So that one day, we may all be free.

Bad ideas, pol, propaganda idea 

You know how there's fake money that looks kind of real when it's folded, but you open it up and it's a bunch of religious bullshit? And the most common result is just really pissing people off and leading them to be even *less* likely to "Accept God"?

What if a bunch of people made similar fake bills that are fash-face themed? Sure die-hard MAGAs may like it at first, but what about the second? Third? Fourth one they find? Do you think they'd still like him?

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