The Fentanyl drug trade is an intentional genocide against the poor.

I'd like to turn a cargo trike into an e-bike, and I'd like to use it to haul small trailers (less than 1200 lb)

I'm having a hard time finding good information about DIY cargo ebikes. Does anyone have any recommendations for where to look?

People sure are allergic to answering fucking questions, especially when the answers point to things they don't want to think about.

If we took responsibility for every action that we didn't take and every lost soul that we didn't help, we would never stop grieving.

Apathy is a defense mechanism.

Just because it protects you from the guilt doesn't mean it's constructive.

Take responsibility for your actions, even if it's to say "I don't want to step up because I don't want their problems to be my problems"

Unless your objective is to avoid thinking about everything that makes you feel bad.

Since you got me on here reminiscing and whatnot, I'll make a deal with you all.

I keep a small Patreon that funds my main project, Fipamo, which I've been working on for the last couple of years. I have big plans for it.

If we can get my funding to the first milestone (5k/month), I'll personally set up and run a new public instance because this will allow me to pay the team I want to help me run it.

So let's see what you got, fedi.

Resilient communities are ones where everyone meets each others' needs mutually, with space for making mistakes, emotional growth, and technical innovation.

If people within your community don't have their material *and* emotional needs met by the community, it cannot be resilient.

I'm fixing my own shit enough to help other people.

My primary message is that *you* will not find a space here to build a resilient community because primarily online communities do not have the means to provide the stability necessary for resilient communities.

Stable online communities are made up of people who already have the stability their needs being reliably met.

If you're not already stable, and part of a stable online community, who are you most likely to associate with?

People without stability rarely find stability in each other.

You're not going to get any constructive help quitting drinking by reaching out to your friends at a bar.

You're not going to get any constructive help building resilient communities online.

The internet is made up of millions of fragile communities of traumatized people.

Anyone who can help you isn't here, and anyone who wants to help you, can't help you here.

Asking traumatized people to help you heal from your trauma isn't a winning strategy.

I bet I'm going to get people saying "isn't that what you're doing by asking BIPOC to cater to white peoples' trauma?"

No, I never suggested that's what anyone should do. I agree that's unreasonable.

All I really want is for *someone* to acknowledge that they're asking traumatized people to help them heal from trauma.

That's not what I'm asking, but it's what a lot of people are asking.

Go outside.

The internet is primarily a space where traumatized people go.

Consider the efficacy of seeking to heal from trauma surrounded by traumatized people.

If you can make someone feel a certain way, you can feel like you have gained some manner of control over the world around you.

Part of building a better world is recognizing how taking power for yourself at the expense of others does not make the world better, but through working together to understand other people's needs, and working together to meet people's needs mutually, *does* make the world better.

I take your energy for myself - zero sum
we amplify each other's energy - growth

Being screamed at by the void makes me feel bad.

Better scream into the void to feel better about it.

(the void. AKA: other people)

Being screamed at by other people makes me feel bad.

Better scream at other people to feel better about it.

(apparently normal modes of engagement on social media)

I don't want to do that and I'm mad that it's being done poorly.

No, I don't want to have any part in making sure it's done effectively. That's not my responsibility.

if I've learned anything from being perpetually online for a long time, it's that most people doing important of socially work have a lot better things to do with their time than yell at people on the internet.

Internet social platforms are for people failed by their local community.

Looking at trees is a better use of time.

I think that teaching kids how to respect other people's boundaries, including space and noise boundaries, should be taught alongside teaching kids the rights that they have to express their own boundaries to other people.

These lessons can't be taught separately.

Because in order for kids to understand what it means to express boundaries to other people, they have to also understand boundaries from other people, and what kind of boundaries are reasonable.

literal nazis, history 

>He [hitler] was deeply insecure about his own lack of knowledge... He hated being laughed at, but enjoyed it when other people were the butt of the joke (he would perform mocking impressions of people he disliked)... Little of this was especially secret or unknown at the time. It's why so many people failed to take Hitler seriously until it was too late, dismissing him as merely a "half-mad rascal" or a "man with a beery vocal organ."

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literal nazis, history 

"Hitler was incredibly lazy. According to his aide Fritz Wiedemann, even when he was in Berlin he wouldn't get out of bed until after 11 a.m., and wouldn't do much before lunch other than read what the newspapers had to say about him, the press cuttings being dutifully delivered to him by Dietrich."


When everyone's stuck in emergency mode, there's no time for them to appreciate my flashlights.

This warrants advanced emergency abatement.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm a stabilizing influence. This is a difficult trait to understand and channel intentionally.

I've had a busy weekend. I've made significant progress on helping connect people together, and work toward a better future.

Here's a post about the work that I've been doing for the past week.

If you're far away, money is helpful. If you're close by, please reach out and find other ways to help out if you can.

Finally, enjoy some pictures of the beautiful countryside.

Don't let go of hope.

The city is dying, but I don't have to die with it.

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