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I have new instance established on

If you're confused, @kat is 100% me.

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Working on starting up a new instance, as well as helping test out the Bonfire interface for the Bonfire Social devs, over at Allwell.Rest

If you get a follow from, that's me.

Key things that I like about Bonfire over mastodon:
options for more restrictive federation and post distribution as default
options for better management restricting who gets messages, beyond just "global" "unlisted" "followers-only" and "only mentioned users"

Others, but they are more difficult to explain.

After accidentally forgetting to keep my instance out of the memory hole, I've made a new account at @katanova

I'm fairly certain that Paramount copyright-striking the Wolf 359 project was an intentional retaliation against the WGA strike.

I think the purpose was to erode fan support of Star Trek.

The cruelty is the point.

Lessons learned from operating an instance for around 5 months:

Either host on a box that I own and control directly, or set up reminders for payments.

Set up the instance with regular backups.

Establish clear expectations for members of the instance, including specific expectations as they apply to specific individuals.

Have a clear idea who the intended community will be.

My instance has fallen into the memory hole. I think I'll just let it be for now.

I don't have the time or energy to re-make it, and I *really* don't want to set up an instance operating on Mastodon again, especially since Bonfire is pretty close to ready for use.

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Looks like work in the solar fields is going to be starting up again sooner than previously expected.

I was planning to be in Vegas to work as a laborer installing grid solar starting December.

I was just informed that the jobsite will be hiring for laborers starting September, next month, instead of December, since they're ahead of schedule.

I'm looking forward to it since I made really good money last time I worked in the solar fields.

This moves a lot of my plans forward, which is nice.

COVID, Def Con 

Just tested positive for Covid after attending Def Con.

I'll be quarantining the next 2 weeks at least, in my quarantine bunker.

Mothballing this account, mostly.

Going to use it for wider fedi connections, but going towards using @kat going forward into the future.

if doesn't federate with your instance, you can send me a message requesting it. If it's an instance that doesn't permit hate speech or bigotry, and does not have open registration, it will probably be approved.

Those who are empowered without knowledge are oblivious to their own abuses, and those who have knowledge without empowerment are oblivious to their own power.

I have new instance established on

If you're confused, @kat is 100% me.


South Park referred to Hillary vs Trump as a Shit Sandwich vs a Giant Douche.

I quipped to someone earlier today that with a shit sandwich, at least you get some bread.

With a giant douche, you just get fucked.

That's what we get with the current political system.

Accept the shit-covered bread, or just get fucked.


First resort is finesse

Second resort is force

Last resort is magic.

Determine before action whether finesse or force will be ineffective, and skip that step if necessary.

Make sure your magic doesn't miss.

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Order of operations for solving problems.

First, attempt resolution socially.

Then, attempt resolution physically.

If neither of those work, magical intervention is necessary.

In some circumstances, social or physical resolution is not feasible.

In either case, skip the non-feasible resolution method.

But always remember that you have magic to achieve your goals.

You can only use the magic if you're not afraid of it.

Trans reddit FAQ :
- "Can I be trans if <literally anything>" -> Yes, you can
- "Can I call myself <any noun or adjective> / use <whatever> pronoun if..." -> Yes, you can

Language is a powerful tool for self-discovery, self-exploration and self-expression. Stop gatekeeping.

My goal isn't to think fast.

My goal is to think with precision.

Gender stuff 

If I ever decide to go through with any kind of gender transition, I'm *definitely* going to refer to myself as being Augmented Gender.

Man? Yeah, that's part of my default configuration. I augmented myself with some fem, though. I enjoy it :D

Reclusive extrovert

Delusional psychologist

Anarchist in Chief

Communal individualist

I am Kat.

Nice to know you.

Please have your identity in hand.

I don't need it from you, but if you don't already know who you are, this will be very difficult for you.

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