learnin' about botany 

smoking, addiction 

birds are extremely cool, i just saw a tiny bird, maybe a finch or something, fly straight into a hole in a brick wall where its nest is I guess
I imagine it is very cosy in there

I also have a couple of botanical floras and some photography/art books that are available on request if people are interested but they're a bit more fragile and might not survive the postal system

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if you're comfortable with me sending you books via post I've got a google doc for all the books I can send to people here
if you leave a comment on the book you would like with your mastodon acc I'll dm you to sort out getting it to you, I'll try to cover postage in all scenarios
also if you're not in a position to send the book back when you're done with it dw

hello all occult practice saved my life and I am going to give as much as I can back to the world with this little time on the big spinning blue marble

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Don't trust the deer because the deer is full of soil. You will be full of soil, too, if the sun rises again.

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CW for ec and an industrial setting.

Managed to finally scan in some of the colour shots that turned out okay. The one of my mum in the red coat is probably my favourite, the contrast turned out really nicely.

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real UK place names 


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N. Ireland unity: hating on London 

i love the weirdos that live in the english countryside; went out to buy a tree felling axe for my brother today after seeing an ad in our local kiosk. the guy selling it is this ancient geezer. lives in this place that looks like he built himself, ramshackle as hell. after 5 minutes of showing me the axes and his collection of mining equipment he starts going on about how he used to buy and sell smuggled goods out of clacton in the 60's. apparently our local pub was a big spot for selling

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i dunno if im just cursed with my employers or if its just a rural thing but once again my pay is late and conveniently my boss hasnt seen any of my emails about it
he sure is available when he wants to complain about me not cleaning bin lids tho


in a hanatarash anti satori kinda mood ya feel

rambling, meeting with old friends 

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I don't know how many of you keep up with British politics but i am very worried about the nhs.

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