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so redoing my intro for the 3rd time because i lost my old one when i accidentally unpinned it and also ive changed a bunch since last

Hi! I'm Aradia, I'm trans-femme and pan/bi, maybe also grey-ace? Sexuality is a strange and messy thing, no?
Also I'm like, mid-20s.
I like synthesisers, playing saxophone, poetry and all things botanical.
I work in agriculture and arboriculture, cross-breed plants for fun and like putting "weeds" in tacky town-funded flowerbeds.

yeah I'm out, not gonna be on here for the foreseeable

see you

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Hello Mastadon gamedevs!
We're a indie studio in Oslo, currently working on Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley

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For those who don't know, Bookwyrm is basically a better, federated Goodreads. Because it speaks ActivityPub, you can subscribe to someone's Bookwyrm feed from directly in Mastodon and see the book reviews they post!

Also there are 2 spots remaining in the Bookwyrm patreon to pay $40/mo and support the project in a huge way *and* have @tripofmice run a server for you and 50 of your bookwormiest friends:

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switter (the sex worker instance) was closed because of literal actual government interference from numerous nations. please do the reading before painting fedi with a swerf or other reactionary brush. i want sex workers to be SAFE dammit and that means knowing when we can't responsibly be a part of your work. and sex work is work.
please read - their own words - before developing a Take.

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I’ll do a more proper one later, but for now, hi! I go by Róisín on here (pronounced ro-SHEEN) but you can call me by my actual name if you know it.

I’m a grey-ace lesbian trans woman (she/her pronouns) and a homesick Clevelander currently living in central Ohio.

I’m just here to hang out, boost some toots, shit some posts, and anarcho some communism. Follow if you want, I guess. Yeah!

(18+ to follow, minors dni)

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"Publish" sounds too formal for the things going on here

like yeah, we ran that post by the editor's desk, they wanted verification from another source that "we're hornt for skeletons" but we're gonna run that story

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- brand new instance that picked up shitloads of users immediately
- poorly moderated terf-island shit
- union jack logo (come on)

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For those of you struggling with an unwieldy new animal in your house, he’s a 1-page RPG to help you settle in!

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Spent last night sleeping in a train station, glad to be indoors again to say the least
On the upside I am some fifty pounds richer, sold some odd motorbike parts and got an out of season bit of work tomorrow
Life is generous in its providence now and then

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picking a mastodon server to join is easy -- just think of it like you're allying with one of many families in a war-torn medieval land, each with their own histories, feuds, laws, blood rituals

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re: Weed, Linux 

@schratze @vantablack Rollin' up a fat Debian

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By way of #introduction: I am a #botanist and #vegetation #ecologist. Currently, I'm a PhD candidate in Environmental Science, Policy and Management at #UCBerkeley in the Ackerly Lab. I am interested in plant community responses to climate change esp. in combination with other processes. I'm also interested in impacts to biodiversity, ecosystem function and management approaches. I specialize in plants of the California Floristic Province and I especially love grasslands and geophytes :)

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Since I haven't done one yet, it's time.

Hey everyone, my name is Elenna, I'm a 32 year old . I grew up in Germany and now live in , Austria.
Politically I identify as an and I'm .

My interests are variable, my brain can never commit to one thing too long, but I like languages and still want to learn more if I can stick with it for long enough. Currently I speak German and English (duh) and Dutch (poorly).

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