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french protesters are using a DIY drone fishing net. they control it from the ground with ropes.

nice new technique :blobcat:

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In your opinion, is anarchism an ideology?

Boosts appreciated for a larger sample size.

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I have my own religion that the earth is sacred and because religious rights are above all else, all the people who are attacking the earth are within grounds to be removed forcibly from the church (which is the atmosphere of the earth)

it's my religion, these people who are responsible for the harm to the body of the earth have to be ejected into space without space suits or spacecraft

religious freedom above all else in the states


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I don't think the capitalist apologists have read Hayek, or even Smith, and it really shows.

time and again i see folks in leftist activism make note of some social phenomenon with accompanying text like "i'm terrified" or "it's scary that". QUIT DOING THAT. fear is contagious. it also tends to freeze people into inaction, and inaction is the last thing we need.

thousands of cars in bread lines in texas, because capitalism.

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Nobody cares about your bot. Stop spamming the global timeline

Suicide figures are up. We’re trying to demonstrate that someone is always available for listening.

Call 1-800-273-8255 (USA hotline)
Call 0800-1110111 (Germany hotline)

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The West End Phoenix is home-delivered Toronto print newspaper published by Canadian music legend Dave Bidini (cofounder of The Rheostatics). The current issue is called "The Americans" and it tells the story of Americans who emigrated to Canada.


It's a series of beautifully told stories about people whose love of the land of their birth was overshadowed by the terror and precarity of US racial and economic and gender warfare against its own people.


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No, I am not just as bad as the fascists just because I no longer care to listen to their grievances.

I don't care about what they say because I already know what they think and why they think those things (plus they often lie).

The main reason why I'm not as bad as them is because if I were to "get my way" they would not be silenced and killed off, whereas they would justify any deaths that may occur from them getting their way.

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Something to keep in mind as we celebrate the potential demise of all these fascists: We did not defeat them. If this is their end, it is because of their own stupidity, and not the antifascist left. We have a lot of work to do before the next wave of fascists.

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As we've announced last Saturday, Nextcloud 20 has been released with a new dashboard, unified search, and dozens more improvements. Go grab the latest version and let us know your thoughts!


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Police Unions, USpol 

Sure they would get plenty union dues from the police, but this is the only union I've heard of that has enough money to contribute campaign funds for who they want to become attorney general.

So I'm wondering how else police unions get their funding. I'm willing to accept that evidence lockers can be used for that, but I want to know where they definitely get their funding from.

Haymarket is temporarily offering a free ebook "Can't Pay Won't Pay" about debt collectives and the refusal to pay illegitimate debts like education and healthcare.

If you have any spare coin in these trying times, Haymarket is asking for donations.


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