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yesterday's sticker, posted today because I was without internet. I am unsure if I am happy with this one, maybe I'll make a future edition with an added anti-work message

Anthony Fauci is a shockingly nasty person. Robert F Kennedy Jr.'s book "The Real Anthony Fauci" is jaw dropping. There's also this extended video interview on Rumble. It had to be on Rumble because Google would've censored it.


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if you're one of those folks that agree to Terms and Conditions without reading, beware! here's one i found written by a medical services company in the "PAYMENTS AND SUBSCRIPTIONS" section:

"...and not to dispute charges from Mirror Care with Self Therapeutics’ payment processor."

I'm supposed to sign a blank check? Naturally I bailed out.

Binding arbitration clauses used to be rare in these things, now they're common.

I smell a trend coming.

I just applied to join the Panquake Team of 5000 Beta users! You can too: panquake.com/5000 Donate to make the Panquake Beta happen faster: gogetfunding.com/panquake

why do leftists seem to adore 'bella ciao' so much? it celebrates getting killed by fascists and turning into a flower. a song celebrating a dead fascist turning into a flower? now we're talking.

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/e/OS supports 5 new phone models. This brings the number of officially supported smartphones to 240 devices!

Find all the info on each one in our documentation and switch to /e/OS!

#DevBuild #privacy #opensource #yourdataisYOURdata

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NEW from John Klyczek - Why have teachers’ unions been pushing ed-tech that is driving schools into the 4IR? Look no further than Education International, a global federation tied to UNESCO & the WEF that dominates most teachers' unions.


Read John Klyczek's previous articles in his "Teachnocracy" series here:

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A good definition of fascism is it's the tools and methods of colonial occupation brought back to the core of the empire.

So in that, Dems are still colonialists, while the GOP is almost fully fascist in their stance. Their major disagreement is WHERE to kill brown people, not if.

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dill pickle co-op is lying about the nlrb findings. there hasn't been a formal hearing yet. the nlrb case officer was laughing out loud at dill pickle's attorney's ridiculous interpretations of the contract and labor law.

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this is the same type of person that sees all the now hiring signs and wonders out loud why people don't "want" to work anymore. gee, maybe they don't want to go back to a job where they're humilated every day for poverty wages that aren't even enough to feed their family, let alone put their child in day care long enough so they can actually go to work

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@Btclibertarian Don't like the negligence. Also don't like how people had to pay to live there, especially when cops often kick out anyone squatting in an abandoned building due to "safety concerns".

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Political Discourse Bot is correct

RT @poldiscoursebot@twitter.com

I hate to bring it up again, but Orthodox Marxism is actually good for the people.

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Don’t want to get arrested before a demo? Then don’t publicise a plan to break the law!
The raid on Animal/Extinction Rebellion's warehouse shows why you shouldn't publicly broadcast plans to break the law.

On multiple occasions over the last few years, I have taken it upon myself to cau
#ActivismandtheLaw #CarlSpender #ExtinctionRebellion #Law #Police #Raid #XR

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TechRepublic: The new Google Photos policy is now in effect. @jlwallen shows you how he's managed to avoid filling up Google Drive with photos from his Android devices with the help of Nextcloud.


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Derek Chauvin verdict 

Guilty on all 3 charges!

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