if i ever make a hornt post on this website i want you all to block me right there on the spot. real pg-13 hours forever. no mercy.

I'm beginning think this self agency character isn't someone I'd want to hang out with

I feel like my instance is ded. Where should I go rouse some rabble

Well the years start coming and they don't stop coming
half sunken visages hit the frown running

somebody once told me
two vast and trunkless legs stand
way out there in the desert someplace
next to them on the sand
with a look of cold command
lies a shattered half-sunk giant stone face

It trips me out how random white dudes throw their uncooked thoughts and often ignorant opinions at me to which I respond to appropriately, then start screeching about being ATTACKED.

Look, if you say something ignorant, I'm going to call it that. If you're bold enough to say something not based in reality, I'm going to say that.

You're not being attacked. That is called dealing with the consequences of your ignorance.

Stop jumping into conversations you're unprepared for. Easy solution.

Blasting lo-fi hip hop nationwide at subaudible levels to induce unprecedented levels of Sheer Chill

If you're a leftist and wish you knew someone in Portland who could show you a thing or two about gun safety and use, hmu.

Gun culture is super fucking right wing so I know how difficult it is to get into it as a leftist. It's necessary though. The left needs to get crewed up. I'm capital A Anarchist and have friends who are the same.

Oh shit I'm learning Japanese, reading up on shinto, been practicing zen for a decade.

I'm a weeb aren't I.

すし like holy wow that's how you spell sushi.

I know I sound like a child but this is how I am OK?

I've been learning Japanese the last few weeks and I keep getting those holy shit moments

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us pol 

I wonder what it's like to be a happy person. Looks fun.

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