When I was in my 20s and got into general lefty activism, I kept being told by older people that I'd change my mind when I got older and I'd become more conservative.

I've only just realised, this was all about them and nothing about me. They gave in, they stopped fighting, and they became more conservative, because it was easier. They were bought-off by capitalism. They were talking about themselves.

Anyway, now I'm 52, and I'm an #anarchist.

@GwenfarsGarden Wow! Inspiring! I always wondered about that whole churchillian "left when young, right when old" thing.

Further proof that 'boomer' is a voluntary mind-set, not an age range.

🖤 🖤 🖤

@douginamug @GwenfarsGarden yeah, I'm 56, and a political Satanist, leaning somewhere a bit left of LaSalle. So count me in as well.

@WanderingBeekeeper @douginamug you will need to explain that for me, I don't get the reference I'm afraid

@GwenfarsGarden @douginamug Frederick Lassalle broke with Marx and Engels over socialism. Marx held that socialism was a stepping stone that must have way to the communist workers utopia, while Lassalle said that socialism was a perfectly fine system on its own, and went back to Germany to preach socialism to von Bismarck. Unfortunately, he got himself killed before he could really sell the Iron Chancellor on the idea.

@WanderingBeekeeper @GwenfarsGarden @douginamug we gonna mention the fact that Marx called Lassale a "Jewish N-word"?

just a... fact...

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