DIY of the day:
If you look through a box of old computer cables there's a 99% chance you'll find a a very steampunk transgender pendant there complete with holes to become a necklace.

(idea coined by Dutch transactivist vreer over a decade ago)

@queeranarchism ohhhhh my god i should buy one of these...

@queeranarchism I have never seen this adapter but now I want one! I have also raided every box of cables I have ever passed.


Bah. The 1980s were not part of the Age of Steam.

Clearly these are CYBERpunk transgender pendants.

@queeranarchism I used to solder these myself because I still need them e.g. for connecting older measurement equipment. 😅
They look a bit rustic but effectively could make a nice pendant, too.

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