It’s Time to Drop the ‘LGBT’ From ‘LGBTQ’
– The case for a new term that describes all sexual minorities
by Jonathan Rauch
'...And so the unwieldy four-letter acronym reigned. It had its advantages. It signaled factional inclusion to those inside the movement, and factional solidarity to those outside the movement. In that sense, it was good politics and good symbolism. But it wasn’t stable. Factionalism rarely is. As activists and theorists sought to cover every base, they recognized asexuality and intersexuality and various other identities by coining LGBTQIAA+, LGBTTIQQ2SA, and other telescoping designations. Lately #LGBTQ seems to have become the norm, on the assumption that Q, for queer, can stand in for all the rest...'


@jd i don't think this works tbh, a lot of people aren't comfortable being called queer. lgbt+ is not an ideal term, but this proposal certainly isn't better in my opinion.

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