So I got eco-anarchist on this quiz half my timeline is doing, and like as cute as these quizzes are this one is... Missing a lot?? And some of the questions are friggin awful.

No questions about indigenous people, colonialism, racism, queer issues, anything beyond century old theory with some climate change questions thrown in.

Oh and you can say you think human population must be cut to preserve nature if you want because our leftist quizzes include ecofascists now apparently.


Gosh so many of these questions reflect such a deeply imperialist mindset, especially around "underdeveloped" countries (whatever that means), and like. I guess that's the point if you're trying to see who's a tankie but the total lack of questions presented from a different viewpoint is a bit... Much.

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Just for some additional clarity, I don't hold any ill will towards folks who like these quizzes, I'm not in the business of decreeing moral judgements or whatever, and I thought it was cute too.

I was just surprised by how significantly it lacked, in my view. It is still fun to get an algorithm to guess at your flavour of leftism based on like. A tiny subset of awkward questions.

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@BunnyHearted awful. That anti-natalism shit bothers me a lot. I expect that means I'll see more and more of it

@interneteh I think there was only one question near the end (on mine at least) that was outright "human population control, y/n?", with some others that were a bit adjacent

Those arguments always lead to the follow-up question of "who's population is controlled, in what way", and even including it in a quiz about "what kind of leftist are you" is ridiculous clown shit.

I bet my "hard no" reply got me more points toward "industry" vs "ecology" on the metric too, lol.

@BunnyHearted Jesus! That's pretty explicit. This must be the work of one of those lefties who thinks their progressivism should earn them a spot on Earth's lifeboat as the global South roasts.

@BunnyHearted @interneteh not to mention that the poles for some axies that are chosen often aren't even opposites

@spacekookie @BunnyHearted @interneteh I am an industrialist and an ecologist. Those two things aren't mutually exclusive- a healthy industrial economy functions like an ecology, where everything is used, then reused, and cycled around, with nothing wasted.

@Pyretta @BunnyHearted @interneteh another one I was thinking of is "scientific vs utopian" like, what?!

@spacekookie @BunnyHearted @interneteh Scientific *is* utopian, if you're using the right science (imagine what could be done for human quality of living without capital limiting scientific progress)

@spacekookie @BunnyHearted @interneteh In actual fact, allow me to rephrase that. A healthy industrial economy functions as an extension of existing ecology and is designed as a part of Earth's overarching ecology intentionally.

@spacekookie @interneteh yeah... I get that it has to simplify things into "this vs that" binaries in order for a chart done this way to work... But maybe having to misrepresent basically everything by shoving them into oversimplified metrics is a sign that this approach is baaaasically terrible lol.

leftist quiz, century-old theory 

leftist quiz, century-old theory 

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