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I never played it when it was officially out, but there are apparently nerds running it now, possibly via crime! I am really just playing with the character creator rn tho. Is at: forums.homecomingservers.com/

@BunnyHearted @Dayglochainsaw I played off and on for about five years. I’d love to try a pirate server but I know it’d break my heart all over again when it inevitably is taken down. Stupid NCSoft.

@saneashouses @Dayglochainsaw It seems like it's been up for a bit, and the team is pretty determined to keep it up. Might be worth a go, even for the (potentially brief) nostaglia adventure?

@saneashouses @BunnyHearted @Dayglochainsaw I apologize for butting in, but for what it's worth, the team are in active and positive negotiations with NC Soft to keep Homecoming running legally: mmorpg.com/mobile/news.cfm?rea

@BunnyHearted Reminded of Linkara's commentary on a Youngblood comic. "Here's an interesting juxtaposition of the two Liefeld extremes: Stick figure and HUGE."

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