I have done a lot of work for these kind of non profits and I'm convinced their entire purpose is to serve as a "sand trap" for the rage people feel against injustice.

People are starving? - well they should go the the food bank! Never mind that they can only go 1/month and need a social insurance number.

People have no work? - Go to the employment centre! They have 2 staff members and haven't gotten anyone a job in 8 months, but they exist! Therefor the system works.

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Experienced sexualized violence? - go to the resource centre! Though you may not be able to if you're trans, or racialized, and maybe not if you're queer. They might involve the police without your consent too, and the healthcare system might refuse to even see you... But it's there! Also everyone knows its broken and is working on making it better, with underfunded short-term projects where they all get burned out. So only the jaded/uncaring remain!

But help 'exists', so ignore the roots!

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@BunnyHearted the food bank thing also reminds me that - most food banks rely primarily on volunteer labor, which is ANOTHER fun way that activist resources can be diverted!

not to say that people should not visit or volunteer at a food bank, but that going "oh, i'm helping, i volunteer there" is - mm - a small bandaid place atop a tumor. and some people will see this and work beyond it, and some will ... not, and be satisfied that they've Helped. which they have, and yet ...

@salixlucida I always feel a little weird about the use of the word 'pimp', but they are orgs that profit off poverty soooo

@SunSaint a humane society is an animal protection thing, right? I'm not a doctor of problematology, but although I can think of some inevitable (perhaps significant) issues with the model I'd categorize them differently than human serving organizations. Very different intentions and frameworks imo.

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