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Me, looking at this figure in the book I am reading: "Oh, I guess they left the USA out of the study"
Also me: *looks again* "Oohhhh"

Genderfluid? Nah, I'm genderturbulent.

Went to work for 5 hours today, still had some of my day left after I went home, this is great! We should do this all the time.:ancom:

Racism denial, US History 

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Trying that trendy picrew thing but every time I export the picture it gets a yellow tint?

Colonialism, Bigotry 

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Coming out as trans question, Please boost 

Gosh, I can't wait for AI to get advanced enough so it can do all the art, poetry, music, and film, and us humans can be free of all that drudgery.

Wow, it's really been 100 years since World War One, and we haven't had a single cataclysmic global conflict since. Good work peeps, I didn't think you had it in... What's that... World War..*disappointed eye contact* What?! Aww sh*t!

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Advertising contributes nothing to society. Remove it tomorrow and nothing gets worse.

Yet a digital screen at the mall often uses as much electricity as a household and a digital billboard can easily use more than 6 households.

So given the hell we're heading too, it'd be an obvious choice to just switch it all off.

Marketing is actually negatively productive. When ads are produced they actively make the person viewing them worse off. That's why people get "paid" to watch ads with television, radio, etc. Ads don't fulfill a need, they create one.

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I think, honestly, that a lot of people equate being labeled a racist with being a victim of racism because "both things hurt" but like. They're not on the same footing.

And that needs to be addressed before we can all move forward.

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People really be out there thinking a song called "Save a horse, ride a cowboy" saying "Riding up and down Broadway on my old stud Leroy" is talking about a horse, huh? smh

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Gotta say some of the best gender identity advice I've ever gotten was from mastodon: trying to reason through your identity gets in the way of understanding your identity. Just go out there and try things, find out what feels right, and go with it.

Rich and Reich are only separated by an e. I think we need to play it safe.
-Hewey P. Nazihunter, returning home from Europe 1946

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