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We are a small collective of Anarcho-Communists and students based in Cape Town, South Africa. You can read more about us here: we.riseup.net/yac-ct/about-us.

@yac_ct you said you follow the Platformist tradition, is the collective associated with the Zabalaza Anarcho-Communist Front?


@GreenandBlack no, we are not affiliated in any official capacity. Many of our members do agree with them and we run reading groups with some of their Anarchist Political School pamphlets.

I would add that we follow the platformist tradition mostly with regards to the 4 principles of platformism (unity of theory & tactics, collective responsibility, and federalism), but we do not aim to be *the* platform or general union of anarchists.

@yac_ct good to know! Do you work with any other groups or organizations in Cape Town like Abahlali baseMjondolo or the Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign?

@GreenandBlack there are some other small groups that we work with but we are not very established in the activist scene due to our young age (of the members and of the group itself).

I am not sure to what extent Abahlali has a presence in Cape Town, if they have one at all. I heard about an incident in which an Abahlali organizer was assassinated by government (I think) for attempting to start a branch in Philliphi, so I'm not sure if they've done anything here beyond that. (1/2)

@GreenandBlack we wholeheartedly support the struggles of these people and will be hoping to get in touch with some local squat groups and organisations soon. Our members come from the suburbs and we are privileged so these struggles do not affect us personally and we are not involved in them directly. We have been made aware of a specific struggle by some students in a school to try and get a brick school built instead of shipping containers, so hopefully we can connect... (2/n)

@GreenandBlack with them and see in what ways we can help. So far we have taken part in the climate protests and facilitated one reading group, with another planned. It can be slow progress at times because the majority of our members are in high school so we do not have as much free time as we would like.

@GreenandBlack We are just getting off the ground so there's a long way ahead and many potential ideas of things to do!! We are all excited to learn and help out wherever we can.

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