Bruce Schneier on Signal's cryptocurrency adventures:


It’s not just that blockchain is just plain stupid. It’s not even that Signal is choosing to tie itself to a specific blockchain currency. It’s that adding a cryptocurrency to an end-to-end encrypted app muddies the morality of the product, and invites all sorts of government investigative and regulatory meddling: by the IRS, the SEC, FinCEN, and probably the FBI.


@clacke Maybe I'm weird for liking interoperability, but why does Signal need to integrate a specific currency crypto or otherwise? Especially now that we have payto: URIs standardized?


@alcinnz @clacke I guess the idea is to make it easy to discover who sent the money that just dropped into your wallet. You also need to generate a proof that you sent the money and forward it to your contact, payto is not sufficient here.

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