Stallman isn't great, but not the devil:


@wire I do not agree with everything in this, but I agree that he is somewhat stuck in 1995...

@wire No one I know said he was the devil. There was a campaign for him to step down the FSF that died when he resigned. That’s it.


@wire Maybe the best things I heard on the issue yet - in the way it conveys my feelings from the start : not a hero, not a devil ; a really socialy awkward person which isn't best suitable for representing the community... But could have very well contributed from the backsit ? Looks like a dumb communication move, but reharsing it and dividing the community over it seem kind of making it worse.

re: stallman 

I don't EVER want to work with someone who is known to be creepy with women. It's as easy as that. :blobcatshrug:
I don't even have to mention what I think about this other stuff (I do agree a lot on what that blog post summarizes)

Just who the hell wants to work with an unprofessional creep?

Or even wants that person to represent an entire movement? ???
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