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> A couple years ago, I took a road trip from Wisconsin to Washington and mostly stayed in rural hotels on the way. I expected the internet in rural areas too sparse to have cable internet to be slow, but I was still surprised that a large fraction of the web was inaccessible. Some blogs with lightweight styling were readable, as were pages by academics who hadn’t updated the styling on their website since 1995. But very few commercial websites were usable (other than Google). When I measured my connection, I found that the bandwidth was roughly comparable to what I got with a 56k modem in the 90s. The latency and packetloss were significantly worse than the average day on dialup: latency varied between 500ms and 1000ms and packetloss varied between 1% and 10%. Those numbers are comparable to what I’d see on dialup on a bad day.

> Despite my connection being only a bit worse than it was in the 90s, the vast majority of the web wouldn’t load. Why shouldn’t the web work with dialup or a dialup-like connection? It would be one thing if I tried to watch youtube and read pinterest. It’s hard to serve videos and images without bandwidth. But my online interests are quite boring from a media standpoint. Pretty much everything I consume online is plain text, even if it happens to be styled with images and fancy javascript. In fact, I recently tried using w3m (a terminal-based web browser that, by default, doesn’t support css, javascript, or even images) for a week and it turns out there are only two websites I regularly visit that don’t really work in w3m (twitter and zulip, both fundamentally text based sites, at least as I use them)...

#www #bloat

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Хочу домашний сервер. Хочу, чтобы был относительно маленький, тихий, одной коробочкой, внутрь поставить обычный линь без костылей и была полноценная сотка по проводу как минимум. И минимум два диска внутри, лучше три-четыре.

Не хочу: компоненты россыпью, извращения с внешними HDD, полновесный десктоп (разве что есть какой-нибудь классный сверхкомпактный корпус?).

Какие есть нонче народные варианты?

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Tor Browser 9.5 allows website publishers to advertise their onion service to Tor users by adding HTTP headers. When Onion Location is enabled, Tor users will be prompted to opt-in to upgrade to the onion service.

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Just discovered invidio.us and nitter.net - non-tracking front-ends to YouTube and Twitter! <3

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My quick notes about the process of today's test published earlier: 5 steps, 3 layers, predictible and reproducible. I'll explore more with it, I like this simplicity.

full resolution of the artwork, btw: davidrevoy.com/article775/grow


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I published #UntrackMe 1.9.0-beta-1 that works with all urls.
It's a beta release which also fixes last issues.

Download: fedilab.app/wiki/nitterizeme/#

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A comic to show that you don't need to sacrifice your privacy for #covid19 tracing -- which isn't what most government are saying

Check out the full comic:

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Don't use a piece of software just because everyone else is. Do some research and make your own decisions.

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NLNet @NGIZero has approved funding for #ForgeFed !

There are many potential tasks and related projects that haven't been taken by anyone yet. This is an amazing chance to get funded for working on an awesome free software and decentralized internet project!

ForgeFed work and funding plan: notabug.org/peers/forgefed/iss

If there's a task you'd like to grab/suggest/discuss, please comment here 🙂

Oh btw our first spec draft release is coming soon 😍😍😍


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A true YouTube killer will probably need to be an alternative front end for watching YouTube videos with the added ability to host videos directly as well. that way people could continue to watch youtube channels that have not moved yet but those who have moved or are hosting on both platforms can gain the benefits of the new platform. if the platform had the ability to show local content before youtube content when the content is the same that would be even better.

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Yesterday I received my #Librem5 from @purism! Today I had fun with it, here are some photos:
- the default applications
- the Fractal @matrix client
- the Komikku webcomic reader
- the terminal application

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Да, короче, настройки #Telegram надо срочно выставить как на скриншоте.

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Our civil liberties are at risk from law enforcement's unregulated and unchecked use of face recognition. Learn more in our report, "Face Off." eff.org/faceoff

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I, for one, am stopping using the wording “permissive license” and replacing that with “neoliberal”. Makes it clearer what consequences to expect (monopolies, etc). @maybekatz@twitter.com

RT @maybekatz@twitter.com

what if

i just stopped writing permissive-license software?

what if we all just stopped, and wrote proper free software, and actually put others in a position where they were motivated to compensate us for our labor?

🐦🔗: twitter.com/maybekatz/status/1

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