scenes from jane jin kaisen - burial of this order

"A group of people come together to enact a burial ritual in an abandoned tourist resort in Jeju Island with the purpose of undoing an unliveable world order built upon forces of hierarchy, division, and destruction."

i took the image descriptions from the artist's own description of their work

Mal schauen ob meine filter jetzt reichen...

Bild CW: depol, letzte generation

"And what I know because I'm surrounded by excellent people, is that they don't know. They often are racked with guilt, and shame, and imposter syndrome, and, you know, capitalism messes us up. It makes it really hard for us to trust what we hear, and to know, from within, what we're offering [...] Um, here we are, and let's take a breath."

"How to survive the end of the world" by adrienne maree brown and Autumn Brown with Prentis and Eddie Hemphill as guests

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they were on SUCH a roll why did they stop naming their releases

this was just visible for a second. I hope I make the jump 😬 can't wait to meet y'all inside!

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antivaxx propaganda

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