"In a society that profits from your self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act..."

@Khaosgrille I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. The points have just been transferred to your rebel account!

@unsuspicious Im gonna say society nowadays profits more over an inflated self worth
@unsuspicious people wanna feel special, all our products, music, tv shows are about inflating peoples sense of specialness, equates every piece and item to a thing we need, a thing we deserve, that defines our uniqueness and is intrinsically due to us because of our self worth and programmed personality. You are rewarded for your shortcomings(pity parties abound) and your oddities are considered a matter of pride.


People who think they're great as they are won't need to consume stuff that inflates their sense of specialness. Advertising works best if you secretly doubt that you're beautiful/loveable without makeup, airpods, a sixpack etc.

What is a pity party?

I don't know many people who consider oddities a matter of pride. Usually people who are too different from the norm get looked down upon. Maybe we disagree because we're active in different social circles.

Just walk into a kindergarten class and see what they are telling the kids. Just look at pride parades and who is considered brave and fascinating by mainstream media. It's a chicken egg sort of problem, yes our chasing of worth allows it all to function, but we chase it because we are told we deserve it and are worth it.

@a7 where I live, random adult strangers won't be allowed to walk into a kindergarten class to see what the kids are being told. I have a suspicion that this is similar in most places around the world.
Mainstream television seems to mainly consist of people with superpowers saving the world or solving crimes, people winning money in game shows or people being doctors or lawyers or something.

We chase worth because it's how we function, see

And random shows showing how fascinating random single moms and teenagers are and shows about how amazing X counter culture is, how fascinating and wonderful crossdressing and promiscuous homosexuality is(note emphasis on promiscuity). But we all know and have seen the result of children being told they are special and unique 24/7 and how they can be anything even though we are talking to timmy who is 15 years old and eating his boggers and watching mlp.

@a7 I think we're not getting anywhere here 😀 enjoy your world view, I'll have mine

@unsuspicious interesting way to end a conversation... :shrug: . Its not really a world view, just observations of the reality ive seen over the years. I myself am a femboy loving freak that use to cross dress all the time. So please dont apply a whole slew of bullshit and say "your world view" over some plane statements.

@a7 it's just that I'm noticing we are moving towards a debate on principles here and while I enjoy having those in real life, I find them tiring on the internet. Sorry for being rude.

Wasnt moving towards a debate on principals really, and my actual politics are probably pretty similar to yours core wise, I've been an anarcho syndicalist for years even living in communes. But I'm rather tired of the sniveling children that expect special sensitive treatment that have populated my view points and polluted its actual purpose and messages.
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