Tired: Escaping from the trappings of civilization to live a mythologized hunter-gatherer lifestyle in a lonely wilderness

Wired: Dropping out of the worst aspects of capitalist civilization by joining a self-sustaining intentional community on cultivated farmland.

Inspired: Rejecting the separation of "civilization" from "wilderness" as an inherently colonialist distinction and actively working to dissolve the border between the two.

🤔 Civilization is inherently colonialist

:blobhyperthink: The idea of "Civilization" is inherently colonialist

I can't argue with anti-civ as a lifestyle choice

Anti-civ as an ideology can fuck the fuck off though


@GreenandBlack huh I thought you basically just argued in favor of anti-civ as an ideology

@GreenandBlack ah ok thx. so the Inspired one would be called anti-"civ"? 😂

@GreenandBlack hehe that reminds me of the description of a person in "Cryptonomicon" by Neal Stephenson.

"In fact, Kia is trans-just about every system of human categorization, and what she isn't trans- she is post -."

@unsuspicious Absolutely not. Anti-civ ideology considers civilization itself to be inherently colonialist, hence why it calls for a "collapse".

I'm of the opinion that the mere idea of "civilization" and "wilderness" themselves are inherently colonialist, as it sees the two as separable and not part of one ecology.

@unsuspicious @GreenandBlack hmmm yeah I didn't really get it either,,,,,what u were saying actually sounded okay to me

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