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what's the research chemical that gives me heart shaped eyes when I see a cutie I like??

What's your personality type

it's breathe, brothe, brithen, isn't it? 🤔

And another thing!

I’m tired of everyone acting like white conservativism is the varying viewpoint. They’ve always been the status quo.

Y’know… the same status quo that established the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy that is ruining lives, killing our chances of living comfortably on this planet for an indeterminate amount of time, and churns out more racist folks to take over from their crusty, racist elders.

They are what we need to move on from as a society. No debates. Destroy.

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Heyo, fellow wheelchair users!

What are your tips, solutions, and setups for anchoring your wheelchair in your car's trunk when it's too spacey to not move around when you're driving ?

I have little to no support in my trunk, but I have some room where I plan to set up custom anchors specifically for the wheelchair (to more easily load/unload it), but I don't really know how to do it yet...

Boosts appreciated 🥺

trying to parse my old folder naming conventions recognising that from an outside eye i label everything as if im trying to hide porn in it

why are all these important documents inside "New Folder (7)"?

imagine the universe where the wolf that brought up romulus and remus had eaten the other one instead. they'd have had to call it Reme

Ihr wollt eine grüne Oase vor eurer Tür? Dann beantragt noch bis 31. Oktober die Förderung eines Kiez-Parklets! Das könnt ihr auf der Webseite

Für Interessierte bieten die betreuenden Vereine Online-Infoveranstaltungen an.

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