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"Ladies and gentlemen":
-reinforces the gender binary
-makes you sound like a bougie
-cliched as fuck, no dramatic tension

"Friends and enemies":
-Inclusive and gender-neutral
-makes you sound like a supervillain
-dramatic tension: who are the friends and who are the enemies?

#DearWhitePeople we will not, as a society "Age out" of racism. Activating the 18-40 voter block will not magically wipe out racists voters. Even if you are not *as* racist as your parents doesn't mean there aren't tons of racist folks successfully passing on their values to their progeny.

You do not get out of addressing these systemic issues by waiting for old bigots to die.

A pirate but he flies around on a giant parrot and has a tiny ship on his shoulder

Found this on the ground this morning near Hackescher Markt

If anyone knows Christina from Berlin and Christina wants it back, let me know :BoostOkay:

Oh.. ? "Much to my surprise, we found that, even though we know that Native Americans were in New England for at least 14,000 years with, at certain times in history, fairly large population densities, the ecological signal was essentially invisible," said Chilton. "If one did not know there had been humans on the landscape, it would be almost impossible to detect them on a regional scale."

I literally had eco-fascists screaming the opposite at me just a week ago.

Germany's pro-Israel Left Has a New Target in the Crosshairs: Jews

Ideas and opinions that can be voiced freely in Israeli academia will spark a big backlash in Berlin, led by the Antideutsche movement

Brasilian Pol, FUCKING NAZIS 

The fact that people consider water something to make money from should be sickening to everyone. And yet, selling water in disposable bottles made from petrochemicals is so normalised, most people don’t even think twice about it. It’s so wrong.

Ich suche ein Begleittherapie für eine Transition in Berlin. Und eine schnelle Indikation für HRT wäre auch gut. Und ich denke das ich beides brauchen werden. Gerade auch um später weitere Schritte gehen zu können.

Wenn ihr da was wisst. Die DMs sind offen.

Everyone normalize wearing surgical masks in public in the US real quick thansk

I'd like to report a murder.

(The opening lines of Greta Thunberg's speech at Davos)


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