Schlafplätze für Ende Gelände- und andere Klima-Aktivist*innen!

Liebe Menschen aus dem Rheinland und Umgebung,
Ob Neuss, Mönchengladbach, Köln, Düsseldorf, Krefeld, Leverkusen, Bonn, Aachen, Essen, Wuppertal oder Duisburg, wir brauchen Euch, besonders Eure Gastfreundschaft! -…

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Sometimes I want to talk about aspects of my experience in a critically abstract way. Either being trans / my gender, or my spirituality, or my artistic life. But I'm terribly afraid to. I might use the wrong words, or wield theory incorrectly, and get utterly torn apart by someone who knows more words and has been better educated in how to use intellectualism to channel their anger.

I don't want to fight, or even to channel anger. I just want to demonstrate my existence, and that of others like me. But to do so I have to wade in water that often feels filled with piranhas.

I'm scared, and so many things my heart says, I never share. I'm sad about this.

Yes, white people, you actually have to put some honest work into making sure the fedi does not become a haven for bigots.

The core of the problem isn't that the fedi has hateful people. They are always going too be around.

The problem is that people that are in a position to help with the issue usually don't and just choose to hide.

That's how intolerance and hate perpetuates itself. It exploits the gap of indifference.

We can be better. The question is why don't we.

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Yesterday I find this pearl among the #elections ads.
Somebody put quite some effort in it.
#Berlin #banCars

RT @hambigehtweiter und jetzt: die Zerstörung des Vegan TS. Wir sagen: McDonalds absägen! 🌲🌴🌳🌿 statt 🍔🍔🍔! #climatejustice statt #greenwashing !



mired: everything is just chemicals interacting, so it's meaningless

tired: everything is controlled by ghosts because reality could never truly contain free will or qualia

wired: everything is just chemicals interacting, but they interact in ways that give rise to free will and qualia in every sense that could possibly be meaningful.

Mit was will man heutzutage unter Linux Präsentationen machen? Wichtig sind Tabellen, einheitliches Schriftbild und Farbgebung vordefinierbar und evtl. leichter Bedienung/Syntax. Einbettung von Bildern natürlich auch ganz wichtig.
Was benutzt ihr da so?

me: what does LCD stand for
my brain: Light Consuming Diode

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"In der heutigen Landtagsdebatte in Schwerin machte der Innenminister nun klar: Es wird keine Polizeiwache auf dem umzäunten Festivalgelände geben und keine Polizeistreifen, die anlasslos über das Areal ziehen. Einzig einen anlassbezogenen Zugang wird die Polizei haben, so wie sie ihn rechtlich auch schon in den Vorjahren hatte."

Tja das haben die wohl verkackt....
Zum Glück

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