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a modern mob with sporks and flashlights.

some initiative has paid the fine for 21 people who were in prison in berlin for using public transport without a ticket, so they all go free now 😊 they are still collecting money to free the rest.

ich suche eine/n übersetzer:in für mein buch. rund 26.641 wörter von deutsch auf englisch. eine grobe vorlage mit deepL kann ich liefern wenn das hilft. toll wäre rechnungsstellnung noch dieses jahr. gern hätte ich eine/n native speaker:in mit erfahrung, um die wirkung des buchs ins englische zu übertragen (statt 1:1 den text). das buch soll möglichst leicht lesbar menschen ins nachdenken bringen, die sich bisher wenig gedanken über alternatives wirtschaften gemacht haben. kennt jemand jemand?

somebody in my tl posted something about "laziness does not exist" but I don't find the toot anymore... if someone knows what I'm talking about I'd be grateful if you could send me the link

Best usage(s) of potatoes? epic battle 2021 #midnightsnyacks

Not always, but sometimes there is an occasional extra little treat in the image descriptions here that adds new layers, more shitposting, and more for those who slow down long enough to look. I love it.

manchmal denke ich ja:

komm wir treffen uns in 2-3 supermärkten und spielen ne runde initialhamstern (jede nen einkaufswagen voller klopapier, einen voll nudeln und einen voll mit nem mix aus filtertüten, alufolie und backpulver - frag nicht warum, je durcher desto besser!) und stürzen drecksland ins chaos.

anti-family theory, statement of love and hope 

all i'm saying is this: if you dread holiday season with your parents and family, i love you, and i wish you all the strength, safety, fortitude and autonomy to disassociate at will and associate on your own terms, and that these decisions to relate to family be fully, consensually yours.

to the entrapped minors: i'm sorry for my failure as an adult that we have yet to burn your social prison to the ground -- i'm working on it.

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the feminine urge to get into a consuming relationship with caffaine,,

Sometimes I try to find my way out of this mess but then I get Dijkstracted,,

Tired: "I might have committed atrocities, but I was just obeying my superiors' orders"

Wired: "I might have disobeyed orders, but I stopped my superiors from committing atrocities"

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u ever think about how wild it is that trillions of tiny organisms composed of interlocking molecular computers are constantly working in an incomprehensible harmony to sustain the vessel of my consciousness throughout time all so that i can just lie in bed having anxiety every morning

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