This babies from @Cryoclaire just arrived in and :blobmeltsoblove: they so beautiful, they will fit so well in my laptop

I'm sorry i talked about capitalism… 

hydrating doesn't do shit against capitalism. no kale smoothie has ever gotten any women more equality. no "home made" vegan meal has ever gotten people higher wages. meditation does not improve social security.

Regarding my toot from two days ago:

Masto has been sharing my thread of Black LGBTQ+ owned organizations and that’s great!

But I see not a one person talking about how SIX (6!!) Black Trans Women have been killed in a week’s span of time.

Y’all need to be paying attention and DO BETTER

Bree Black
Shaki Peters
Draya McCarty
Brayla Stone
Merci Mack
Tatiana Hall

Rest in power, ladies.

This has to stop.

"Geheimdienste wollen Hardware bei Internet-Providern installieren, um Staatstrojaner in Datenverkehr einzuschleusen.

Das will Bundesregierung kommende Woche beschließen:"

Dear Free Speech enthusiasts:

Your free speech isn't infringed by people that criticize you for the utter bullshit you emit. Telling you off your your crap isn't a threat to free speech. It just is just another use of free speech. Calling you out on your bullshit is just as much free speech as you are using to put it out. Free Speech doesn't mean your "opinions" should go unchallenged, because frankly, you do challenge a lot of things of others with it.

in Norwegian they don't say "I love you", they say "I am happy in you" and I think that's... kind of horny actually

“Can I please cover my primary needs?” is not a question anyone should have to ask.

It has now been a year since we first created this #glimpse social media accounts! 🎉

Given no one expected us to last the summer (let alone produce a release) we think that’s something we can all be proud of. 🙂

Thank you to everyone who chose to support us. Given the very negative way a vocal minority of the free software community was behaving towards us, your kind gestures were much appreciated!

I got some new eyeshadows from Lethal Cosmetics and made these gorgeous summer palettes. I also swatched them out!
The quality of the Lethal Cosmetics eyeshadows is fantastic. And especially for the price! If you're interested in building your own palettes with single #eyeshadows, check them out, they are a creluelty free #indiemakeup brand from Germany! #makeup #swatches

when you want to be nice to your former partner, know that you can always have food delivered right up to their doorstep 

walking past a shop window and getting immediately tackled by 5 guards, for not buying the products despite knowing they exist

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@bouncinglime I think the difference between performance and receipts is when there's a call to action behind it.

"I'm proving black lives matter to me and yall should do the same"

"This is an important voice that I'm boosting and you need to listen"

"Join me in support this cause by doing XYZ just like I did"

@dankwraith hey being the admin of the all anarchist instance is a tankless job

people should appreciate their admins more! they do a lot of hard work on the technical side so you can post about shitting your pants at 4:27am!

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