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@ekaitz_zarraga @tricia kinda. low income families have internet access on library computers. except libraries are closed now 🤔

@piggo Wait, it is considered a basic service that you should be able to have at home but: many people doesn't because they have no money for it.

Are water, electricity and heating a basic service? yeah.
Does everybody have them? nope.

So we should ensure that people have access to basic services. But I'd say internet is already one of them in many places.

In Germany at least, if someone can't pay their bills they can have their stuff taken, but they *must* be permitted to keep: Clothes, a place to live, a bed and a TV set (!). You also can't disconnect water, gas (where heating uses gas) and electricity, and every house must be connected to the water and electricity supply.

I would like to see Internet access and a device to use it within this group.

So that's already a thing! You can get basic service from most of the big providers, free, if you have a child on free or reduced lunches.

@tricia Access to the internet is commonly considered a basic right, e.g. in France. See en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right_

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