I would like to thank the Tories for sending me free firelighters in the mail. They will definitely help me decide who to vote for in the coming election.

Note to anyone making fun of humanities degrees. It's hardly people's fault they can't find a job in the careers they wanted when our current capitalist system has deemed those fields to not be profitable enough to justify investing in them. But by all means, keep insisting that it's the individual's fault for not knowing better because that totally doesn't sound like victim blaming or anything.

contemplation of voting, waste of time 

Be who you want to be, not who insecure internet weirdos think you should be and mock you for not being.

Caution, death from laughter is likely. 

Cards against humanity, terrorism: 

And double decker buses in case the red phone box didn't hammer in the point that Britain's in charge of North America in this TL. So anyway they read in the newspaper about Prince Harold's love affair which gets Wade nearly run over by a car. The car owner then starts pissing his pants when he sees Arturo and offers him a room in his hotel (a gift to the Sliders from the coincidence fairy). Once in the hotel they get a change of clothes and do some more newspaper reading to learn this nonsense:

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