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Be who you want to be, not who insecure internet weirdos think you should be and mock you for not being.

Caution, death from laughter is likely. 

Cards against humanity, terrorism: 

And double decker buses in case the red phone box didn't hammer in the point that Britain's in charge of North America in this TL. So anyway they read in the newspaper about Prince Harold's love affair which gets Wade nearly run over by a car. The car owner then starts pissing his pants when he sees Arturo and offers him a room in his hotel (a gift to the Sliders from the coincidence fairy). Once in the hotel they get a change of clothes and do some more newspaper reading to learn this nonsense:

Yep, this is a world where the American Revolution failed, which means the US is a parliamentary federation as part of the British Commonwealth (much like Canada) and Mexico has control over the east coast and of course none of what I said is true because Britain is still an absolute monarchy and the colonies are still under its direct rule. This universe's Arturo is the Sheriff of San Francisco (yes it is still called that way even though it's under British control) and we got red phone boxes:

After the opening credits, they escape from the wobbly skyscraper set and the CGI sharks around them by sliding straight into a water fountain (how thoughtful of the wormhole to deposit them at ground level as opposed to hundreds of feet into the air). They quickly learn that this world is a bit different. Everyone's extra polite to Arturo, they stick out like a sore thumb because their clothes came from last week's hippie world. Oh and there's this as well:

These are the lyrics to an actual rap song in this universe:

"Comrade, comrade get on down.
Get that grain right into town
Serve the state and feed the people
Because the individual is evil"

Those four bars, repeated ad nauseaum, over the dorkiest beat possible and with the most stilted flow possible is somehow a Rap Song in any universe. This is the sort of sh!t a Reds-verse comedian/rapper from UASR would rap as a joke about the FBU.

And the video's just as cringey:

After that scene, Professor Arturo (played by Gimli) goes to get a snack (his stomach has no political preferences, as we are told) and we're treated to the worst-looking dollar in history. I can't even tell who's supposed to be the bald dude on it but I guess Lenin cause it looks more like Lenin than Eugene V. Debs, the only other guy I can think that a commie America would put on the dollar bill. And also because I refuse to believe the writers know who Eugene V. Debs is.

Wade then, obviously confused by all this, tries to clarify and because apparently failing to answer an operator's question within 5 seconds about your phone bill, you are magically guilty of some crime worthy of dispatching the police to your location immediately. Da f@ck is this sh!t?!? I must have missed the part in USSR history where you got arrested for improper phone booth usage. Also how did she not notice the big f@ck off red sign with the hammer and sickle-esque symbol on the way in???

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