let's be real though, i have several accounts worth of posting. inside me

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The biggest scam: 

Getting people to believe money is real

using an alt much more but coming back to browse the local

i only woke up twice in the middle of the night to sounds that could have been the pigs busting into the garden but it wasn't

looking forward to building out the electronics and sewing workshop expansion after these dang pig walls are finished

now my other instance is down. hopping around so i can keep posting

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I remember how finally identifying CIVILIZATION as the problem was such a relief. like, "oh so it's not my fault for being trans or pan or not thinking in the same ways as most people? it's, like, concrete institutionalized systems of unambiguous oppression? oh... wow, cool. I'm not broken like I thought I was all this time!"

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i've listened to too many thousands of hours of joke soundcloud to be able to listen to "regular music" anymore

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somehow just now listening to 100gecs despite that fact that it's very my shit

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It’s official.

The United States House of Representatives has just voted to impeach Charles Entertainment Cheese

can't sleep because i keep waking up at every sound because these dang pigs could be breaking into the garden again as they've done for the past 5 nights. at 04:45 no signs of pigs or damage but very stressed out

the cat has caught 2 big rats in the past 30 minutes

santa is on the once-ler's payroll hawking thneeds the grinch is an eco terrorist

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