climate doom 

> The [PETM] warming, 5 degrees Celsius in about 5,000 years, wiped out much benthic marine life, pushed the tropics to Wyoming and alligators to the Arctic Circle, warmed oceans to 97 degrees, and made the equatorial regions too hot for many species.

> future ecosystem disruptions are likely to exceed the relatively limited extinctions observed at the PETM

> Assuming business as usual, we may reach PETM levels in 140 years.

very bad euro food 

the only good thing they didn't even come up with (tikki masala)

new tesla cybertruck announced 

they finally did it. they finally built the homer

caving to pressure, studio releases new sonic design to critical acclaim 

bottom text

harvest from a small area near the house. there's not much soil over there and some of that potatoes were completely rotten, but i got these from an area less than a square meter in size

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