Hey @Ahuka, I just listened to HPR #2940 and was pleasantly surprised to hear get mentioned! (Though there *are* rules here.)

Looking forward to future episodes - do you plan on covering Scuttlebutt?

@soylentbomb No plans right now. Maybe you should do a show on it. Does Scuttlebutt use the ActivityPub protocol?

@Ahuka It's been a long time since I recorded anything, but I may just do that!

Scuttlebutt has its own protocol, SSB (Secure ScuttleButt - ). While there's been some talk of ActivityPub interoperability and small steps in that direction (see ), for the immediate future it's not part of the fediverse.

@soylentbomb Yeah, I am going to focus on the Fediverse for now. I uploaded a new show to discuss that which will release on Dec. 20, and I plan to go further into ActivityPub.

@soylentbomb It's funny how you can take a look at one little thing, and next thing you know it is deep dive into something you never knew was there.

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