The third-party tracking industry is one-way mirror: from the inside, you can see only apps, web pages, ads, and yourself reflected by social media. But in the shadows behind the glass, trackers quietly take notes on nearly everything you do.

Peertube has scripts that allows you to upload a complete YouTube-Channel to a desired peertube account.

That way, you can also automatically mirror YouTube-Channels to a PeerTube Channel, from e.g. your laptop.

You don't have to own the instance, you just need an account on that instance.


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Using domain registries for censorship already happens. We can't let it happen to the ten million+ registrants and NGOs who use their .ORG websites and emails to hold governments and industry to account.

Hey @Ahuka, I just listened to HPR #2940 and was pleasantly surprised to hear get mentioned! (Though there *are* rules here.)

Looking forward to future episodes - do you plan on covering Scuttlebutt?

good post about how nerd communities' mass-adoption of the closed and proprietary Discord platform will inevitably lead to the long-term loss of (or loss of access to) mountains of special-interest group knowledge and community history

"TLDR; It is not a very future-proof way of knowledge-building & archiving at all."

see also:

World leaders are using "anarchist" disparagingly again. This is a good sign

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State violence, airstrike imagery 

The data that Google collects in its "Sensorvault," and is turning over to police, is so precise that one deputy police chief said it “shows the whole pattern of life.” The government should not have such broad access to our digital lives.

The American people deserve to know whether mass surveillance is legal and constitutional. Instead of deciding whether the NSA's activities are illegal, the court deferred to the government's state secrecy arguments, trapping our case in a Catch-22.

Breaking: According to @nytimes, the government’s program of collecting hundreds of millions of telephone records using Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act has been shut down—at least temporarily. It's time for this mass surveillance program to end permanently.

A huge percentage of why people perceive internet discourse as particularly fractious and hostile is that social media networks are insanely clunky tools when it comes to sharing and conversing. I've argued this forever but XKCD knocks it home:

Hot take: "Debate" as a form of conflict has filled the cultural niche that Dueling once did. It's the same form of fake ritualised combat, and insecure white men like doing it because it makes them feel they're more capable at something than they actually are. Just as no one who was good at dueling would have actually been any good at fighting in a war, no one who's good at debate is actually any good at changing people's minds.

Right now the fediverse is nipping at the heels of the silos.

They know we are here, and they perceive us as a threat. We know this from leaked emails from facebook.

That said, they could attack us in an oblique manner with any number of poisoned waterhole attacks.

Earlier today someone predicted one or more of those platforms just integrate activitypub and crush us by incorporating us.

Another pointed at the potential for procedurally generated instances that just harvest data, or overwhelm our ability to suspend all of the instances they throw up.

When these attacks are adapted to... they'll get concerned, and will try to frame us as part of "the dark web(tm)"...

That's how we'll know we're winning.

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Advertising is misinformation. At best it's the top-down pushing of claims instead of them emerging bottom-up -- something inherently hostile to efficient social epistemology. The day will come when "advertising" is broadly treated like a crime.

Today we run the internet on it.

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