politics, ableist slur 

Them: "Uneducated voters are a danger to democracy."

Also them: "Too much democracy is bad because people are stupid."

Me: "Maybe the only way to have a functional democracy is ensuring people have the time and opportunity to become educated about the issues. Maybe democracy is about more than just voting every few years. Maybe democracy requires a strong civil society and we haven't had a functional democracy in decades, if we ever did."

politics, ableist slur 

@solarpunk couldn't agree more

politics, ableist slur 

@solarpunk We used to have Civics class in public schools, predicated on this kind of thinking.

Now we have the morally ambivalent, pseudoscientific Social Studies.

politics, ableist slur 

@solarpunk BTW I am not trying to say that the good old days were good here. But we used to at least pretend to give a damn about this. Then we decisively took a stand against giving a damn.

politics, ableist slur 

@rotatingskull Yep. Not that I'm much for upholding our current social order (or the old one), but at least people used to have some sense that there *was* a social order in which they played a role.

Now it's all neoliberal self-interest. People don't even think of themselves as citizens anymore. They're merely taxpayers and take a consumerist view of the state (which is maybe OK to the extent that it undermines the state; this part is complicated).

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