My cat’s out enjoying the sun. It is sunday after all

Ilhan Omar is right. No one should be supporting a reactionary, apartheid state - especially when it's done in the interest of militaristic .

Painting her criticism as anti-Semitic is a cynical ploy to stop us from looking at what's going on behind the curtain.

Blood cells are not real cells.
They don't have a nucleus.

why do i need to see all the feeds at once, and why, if i close two of them, do they not get bigger, or move to the middle?

I left when the sun was coming up and got home when it was dark. And I have to leave 2 hours earlier tomorrow. Aaa

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I messed up my sleep schedule again. Hi from 4:20am

Only need 3 more buckets for the first round of garden planting and i have a month to get them. Potato

How to end the government, inspired by my cat and my phone

Step 1: get a bunch of cats
Step 2: touch the government instead of the cats
Step 3: cats sit on government out of jealousy and will bite anyone who tries to move them to use the government

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I ordered something from ebay and it shipped from amazon... no mention of that in the listing. Idk this feels weird

A certain cat has a leg on sideways, and being a cat doesn’t care if she knocks shit over with it, and you can probably guess where I’m going with this. RIP half my soda

I think ive successfully reprogrammed my sleep. Still gonna suck getting a job since they all start at 6 but at least im starting from waking up with the sun

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Cat: yeah lets chew on plastic bags in peoples bedrooms early in the morning

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