Great news: our #adblocker was added to the @humanetech list!🎉🎉

That's really motivating and encouraging, as well as our growing #community!

@tblock @humanetech Appart from convenience what's the motivation behind blocking ads? Anything doing any kind of tracking should of course be blocked. But just plain ads? What revenue model is the alternative (under capitalism)?


@duncan_lithgow @tblock @humanetech Back when ads were nothing more than a static panel with text on the side, I was mostly okay with them. Now they are unbelievably invasive animations that dynamically reflow pages and work very hard to be in the way of content. They make pages incredibly unpleasant to read and slow everything down.

@savanni @duncan_lithgow @tblock

Long live the ad and tracking blockers 🎉

Still greatly enjoying an ad-free web :D

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