is there some online resource about the peaceful side of anarchism, such as a news portal, a directory of links or a group of people who plan online activist events? most of the things I find relate to general history or how to start a revolution, but as I have no anarchist friends it is hard to see how I could get involved..
any ideas or thoughts on this?

It may not be always anarchist but you could probably check with ecologists. They generaly do peacefull but strong actions
Otherwise you could to look at the side of anarchist syndicalist. One of the best way still the education of everyone i think

@Hidji the thing is i live in a country where i don't speak the language very well, so that's why i'm primarily looking for online "hobbies"

@will_stochastique yeah, things like that, I just need some ideas so I can pick something I would be passionate about :)

@rugovit Are you familiar with the anarchist library? Also the internet archive has got some anarchist books some authors i know are proudhon, bakunin, marx (mostly for his analysis of capitalism), kropotkin, and voltairine de cleyre.

@boschinc thanks, yes i am familiar with it, just looking for more contemporary practice than history :)

@rugovit joining your local branch of the iww might be a good idea then.

@boschinc doesn't seem to be one around where i am, at least from what i can see

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