@er1n this would be nice for a fork to have I think. similar to local only posting

@restioson i think the main issue with it is honestly the problem of "x is mutual to you" changing over time, although we already have that problem with priv posts; we've just ignored it as much as possible


@er1n hmm what do you mean? I don't quite understand I'm afraid

@restioson post is made when you, "@me", are mutual to "@friend". you and @friend become not-friends, and are no longer mutuals. their server must understand this and hide those past posts

@restioson this is similar to how someone softblocking you when you follow them should behave wrt priv posts but i'm not actually sure that it does? that's what i said abt this being a blind spot

@er1n ah okay, I see what you mean. Is it also similar to just blocking someone in general immediately hiding all their posts?

@restioson yeah. and how it doesn't really work right commutatively

@restioson also this is related to "you follow @friend. you can't see private posts that they made in the past, for some reason? but you can see them if you boost them"

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