Today is Earth Overshoot Day.

Today, we used up all the resources which Earth can produce this year. The resources of Earth, used after this day, are unsustainable.

Today is only 64% of the way through the year.

We need to fix this.


@InvaderXan do u have any further reading on this? im interested to know which resources we overshoot on the worst

@restioson @InvaderXan Housing and transportation are the worst for individuals, but fossil industries are the worst in a global perspective.

@lilletale @InvaderXan Housing as in that's what causes it, or like, the space needed to have a house and all?

@restioson @InvaderXan The way the houses are buit, where they're built, how much energy the house needs and uses among other smaller details.

@lilletale @InvaderXan ahh okay. I guess when I grow up and have to think about housing for myself that'll be something I take special care to look into

@restioson drawdown might be worth looking at, they have a site @InvaderXan

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