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Everyone doing again so I guess I will too, considering that I never did one...

Hi, I'm Restioson (he/him pronouns and they/them is fine too). I'm an anarcho-communist from South Africa (also white, a minor, and bi). I like programming and gaming (no nword gaming thanx) and hate nazis and capitalism. I shitpost a bit here and generally hang out. I'm also interested in isiXhosa (learning it as a first additional language at school) and I post about that when I can.

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Moving to from, so that's where you can find me on Matrix in the future ✌️

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Wrote this on a school wall outside. "Peace, bread, land" in isiXhosa. In retrospect, I believe that they regret giving me chalk.

this debate was about Malcom X, a "famous ancom", apparently wanting to kill all white people, btw

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The mosquito buzzes behind me and PSSST! I spin and it is engulfed in a cloud of deadly acid!

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Walking around my room, Doom in hand, like a spy from those movies walking around the warehouse

You'll never be as cool as Ethiopian resistance fighters liberating their country from fascist Italy

To @selontheweb
The tide flows and it ebbs
You remain the best poster
On internet or paternoster
A titan of posting
No matter who's hosting.
Because I love you to no end
I wrote you this po-em.

Nicolás Maduro favourited your status

got a plunger stuck to my #huge #balls and had to go to the hospital. no podcast tonight

corona virus 

Till Lindemann: [literally just counting]

me: oh shit here it goes

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Rammstein be like: D̸̡̡͍̮͎͕͆͋̅̉̀̊̈̀̆͂̀̒̈́͝͝u̶̡̞̦̹̬̝͒̌͑̈́̚͘

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cultural portrayal of medieval peoples: "Ah, 'tis a hard life stoically tending the fields for eleven hours every single day of my life til my death at the ripe old age of thirty, but at least i have the guidance of my austere and vindictive god to comfort me."

reality: "Hey we're not working today because today is another incredibly specific holy day, lets go to the festival, get wasted, and have a good fuckin time. YO BARD, TELL THE ONE ABOUT LOKI TYING A GOAT'S BEARD TO HIS BALLS"

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@dragon btw what do you mean when you say of appimage that 'it needs glibc'? i got it to work for me now!

my parents at 29: buying a house, stable career

me at 29: trying not to accidentally murder someones grandpa by being outside

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