The ancient Greek word for "bear" was άρκτος.

The Arctic is named after the animal; it's the place where bears are.

Naturally, when you find a place at the opposite side of the globe from the Arctic and where there are no bears, it's the anti-Arctic - in other words, Antarctica.

So the Arctic is Bears Place, and Antarctica is Not Bears Place.


@noelle I like this explanation because it extends the negation contained in "anti-" ("opposite to") to the existence of bears, which is funny; but as I understood it the name comes from the fact that the Antarctic is opposite to the Arctic regarding its position on the globe, not the presence of the latter's namesake. (v. ; correct me if I'm wrong, ofc).

@noelle Still, shitpost or not, I'm all for calling the Antarctic "An-arctic" (literally No Bears Place).

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