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protests are spreading beyond Brussels.
Numbers for 07-02-2019:
Leuven: 15.000
The Hague: 15.000
I've seen reports of smaller protests in 6 cities so far, probably more.


💥 Klimastreiks am Freitag, den 8.2. in:
Frankfurt a.M.

@hasya23 Can't wait to teach the Economist about anarcho-satanism.

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I feel like there might be a largely unfilled niche for articles about how to unlearn sexism/racism/homophobia/transphobia for neuroatypical people who don't understand most unspoken neurotypical things.

With like, really specific social situations described with the exact details that make a sexist microaggression so different from the very similar non-sexist social option in that situation.

& maybe self-help support groups for neuroatypical people learning that stuff.

anarchists and commies arguing like lovers trying to assemble ikea furniture but with guillotines

@lunaterra @queeranarchism it's so very easy to get swept up, to hope that you don't have to be one of the oppressed. It's so easy to think that exclusionists wouldn't also exclude you if they could. It's the sickest kind of hope, and it's what the toxic conservatives have been using for decades to convince the white working man that all the various Others are his true enemies, rather than the excessively powerful and wealthy elites who want to maintain the sick status quo.

They're very good at this, and they're always looking for new vectors to spread the infection along.

The is a war of memetics, and your uncle is one of the infected.

@queeranarchism @mxsparks it's definitely a reminder to trust people based on their actions vs. anything else.

abusive celebrities 

White abled middle class gay men are the most sensitive to this because they are one step away from enjoying all the privileges of the system,

and it is very tempting for them to belief that people exactly like them are their allies, while people not like them - refugees, muslims, trans people, working class people, angry social justice activists - are the enemies.

But they’re not the only ones for whom this mode of thinking is tempting. No lgbt identity is entirely immune from this.

Gay men are increasingly voting for anti-LGBTQ right-wingers:

“LGBT people — especially gay men — are not inherently progressive voters. Give them the chance and they will vote for xenophobia, for racism, and for misogyny.”

From over here in Europe: YES. This is a very serious issue. Capitalism and white supremacy are very capable of incorporating some lgbt people.

abusive celebrities 

abusive celebrities 

"We fight against the things that are killing us so we can survive and things can grow in our spaces and communities"
"We create and nurture spaces and communities where we can thrive so the people in it can survive and can build and recover the strength to fight against the things that are killing us"
the best fucking thing.
& the people that do both are a joy to know.

"Aggressive direct action is seen as far too important" versus "aggressive direct action is not seen as important enough" is often a really useless conversation if you're not actually in the same local scene or both physically familiar with the same local scene.

There isn't one big uniform anarchist culture (and there shouldn't be).

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