I disagree so much. Young people are engaging in activism on a large scale at an early age. That's awesome.

And they're using the strike, not the protest, as their rallying cry. That's significant. The protest is an appeal to power, the strike is a display of collective power.

Do each of them have a sound theoretical underpining for their action? No. But what an unrealistic thing to expect of children.

We were all uninformed baby-activists once and then we learned.

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I think you are ignoring the actual content of the article by making this just about 'real friends' when the article is about how our society pushes the prioritizing of romanctic relationships over friendship.

Platitudes like 'don't demand love that friends are not willing to give' are useless when you are a singled person in a society that encourages people to spend all the most important parts of their live (cohabitation, childraising, holidays, etc) with a partner.

I’m kinda put off by user-run instances because of the amount of responsibility that brings.

Some people treat instances like homes, where ‘the community’ lives. I see them more like bars, where we can connect with people of likeminded communities. And it is fine if a collective of 5 people run the local anarchist bar as long as they kick out the bad guys.

I can not invest a lot in every space I visit. I like being able to just chill in some places, knowing that someone is watching the door.

The phrase I witnessed starting shit was ‘I hate polis so much’ in a post vague enough to be about police of poly people.

‘fuck the polis’ could give some beautiful puns about how they’re already fucking each other.
(And at some point the Ancient Greece students are gonna come in and join the punnery)

Following the proposal from the Sunbeam City cooperative, Mastodon on sunbeam.city no longer shows follower counts.

@Norman_Doors Centerists don't cry, they just begin to furiously write Medium articles about healing the country's cultural divide by electing someone who embodies the establishment. It's their way of grieving 😔

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"Just don't own a smartphone or facebook or anything with a microphone really" is sound advice that absolutely no one is going to follow .
All the best security advice I've ever heard has been "ok if you're going to use that, here's some things that will make you less of an open book.

Harm reduction is the shit.

"I am tired of fighting my friends. I am tired of trying to convince them that I matter as much as their romantic interests and partners. In many ways who we choose to love is also a decision of who we invest in, and who we distribute the resources necessary to keep one another alive—including care.
We can stop politicizing desire when we stop distributing our love and care based on it"

Romantic Love is Killing Us: Who Takes Care of Us When We Are Single? by Caleb Luna

A tweet from Amaryah S. Armstrong @amaryah_sa.

“The success of capitalism is due to how much it has convinced people that you have to earn your existence.
I keep seeing people saying dignity is earned and I’m just like, you sound like a terrible parent, partner, person, neighbor, and friend, but also am like, somebody taught you that and treated you that way and that sounds like a shit way to be raised.”

If you wanna talk about how much you hate cops, do not write 'police' as 'polis' unless you enjoy misunderstandings leading to some serious fights with your local polyamorous folx.

(based on a true story)

Quick door blockading. I like the wood wedges technique as it requires smaller items that can be carried easily.

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Mark Bray writes on Trump's declaration of a national emergency to secure funding for a massive US-Mexico border wall - is this a step towards fascism? blackrosefed.org/trump-nationa  @Mark__Bray @IGD_News

"In retrospect, it’s unsurprising that a lot of New Atheism devolved into reactionary, antifeminist, and even white supremacist thought, because it was never really about the things it claimed to be about. The dominant affect of New Atheism wasn’t humility, or reflexivity, or curiosity, all the things one truly needs to improve intellectually. It was smugness."

The Magical Thinking of Guys Who Love Logic: theoutline.com/post/7083/the-m

People who perform their harsh judgements, pessimism and bitterness as signs of their superior wokeness are on a downward spiral that takes them away from actually changing shit.

unironic favorite part of masto is when you toot a post and then see a little kernel of it in someone else's post a minute later... we all inspire each other and it's wonderful

Also some endangered seeds around a building site can slow down the construction of a bank/prison/mall for years or decades.

Same goes for small fragments of historic pottery, which are abundant and worthless on many archeological digs.

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Those are kind of open doors. They don't really help me navigate the reality of constant choices between 'I would enjoy this thing but also I could spend less money and support others instead'.

I don't need a Netflix account but it's a lot less work than pirating everything. I could spend a lot of money to see a dear friend who lives far away, or I could support someone who needs it. I love daily fresh fruits, but I wanna put money in that activist defense fund.

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