Every "women and nonbinary people" space or FLIT space I have ever visited has felt unwelcoming towards non-binary people who looked too much like what society says are cis men.
Whether implicit or explicit, the transphobia and rejection has always been in the air.

Unless such a space explicitly mentions that they stand up to this kind of shit and will defend non-binary people who face this type of hostility in their space, I assume their event is unsafe because this shit just keeps happening

@queeranarchism damn I didn't even think about this post today but I made a post about this seconds before I scrolled down here.

@queeranarchism this exact thing happened to a friend of a friend in my city. "women and nonbinary people" never Actually means women and nonbinary people.

@internetwolf @queeranarchism masc nonbinary folks get this shit so much, NB is being treated as woman lite or woman 2 than just the actual fucking term NON BINARY as in OUTSIDE THE BINARY. shit's fucked. another thing you get, even as a femme enby like myself, is nobody ever using they when they see you accept a gendered pronoun of any kind, like the enby thing is just some extra glitter on top of a binary presentation

@queeranarchism this heartbreaking to me, I had no idea this was happening.

@queeranarchism I'm trans feminine, but I never dared go to exclusive spaces alone. I do, now, but not alone.
It's just a too fragile moment, and I expect transphobia to be present everywhere, even if it might be momentarily invisible.

If the big lumberjack-y enby isn't welcome, I'm not going. These are the people we need to protect, this is the line.

I'm actually tearing up as I write this.

@queeranarchism What... the heck.



That's...a thing? Wow. Rrrf. *bares teeth and growls*
that's not okay.

@queeranarchism this is the kind of shit that scares me as an amab person

@queeranarchism as someone who was excluded from everything growing up, this was extremely upsetting to read. i feel for jose, because i know that feeling so well.

i think this kind of story might be a trigger for me.

@queeranarchism i read it and have been crying and having feels about rejection ever since

@queeranarchism honestly this could've used a cw about a few things im not going to be ok for a few hours


Yeah, @queeranarchism . A little content warning for such toots would be appreciated in the future.

@queeranarchism "women, and women who identify as nonbinary"
weird, i've only been awake for an hour and the day is already over

@queeranarchism women and women who identify as nonbinary is a thing i heard A Lot in college (I went to a historically womens college) and makes me want to throw up in my mouth lmao

@queeranarchism this is, like, gender binary supremacy with extra steps. I'm so sorry for everyone that's experienced this, and hope that you find truly inclusive spaces and communities

[boost] nonbinary exclusion in "women and nonbinary" spaces 

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