As someone who spends the biggest part of their activism doing care work, I wish people who wrote those 'kindness is rebellion' type posts would
- stop contrasting themselves with people who do the necessary work of actual rebellion. If you're passive aggressively shitting on the people risking their lives to fight the cops, you're not kind.
- get over that savior complex that's dripping off every tweet
- learn the SKILLS that care work requires. Being nice to people won't cut it.


You think kindness is so revolutionary? Take a course on burn out prevention. Learn to be a street medic. Learn psychological first aid.
People under violent attack from the system aren’t going to be magically saved by a cup of tea and a smile. Your kindness isn’t powerful at all if you don’t actually learn how to do care work.

Drop the respectability politics, drop the superiority complex, and actually get to work.

This is getting repetitive but I am just genuinely pissed off about this.

Honestly how dare you speak of kindness when you’re just there to lecture those who are doing their utmost to protect their communities against the systematic violence of the state? How fucking dare you?

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@queeranarchism aaaaa this pisses me off so much. i'm totally on the 'kindness is revolutionary' side but kindness that just votes and hopes for the better when poc are being murdered in the streets isn't exactly what i'd call KIND, that's just bourgeois bullshit.

@queeranarchism I see a lot of that stuff on Instagram. It all seems to build off of the usual "inspirational" niche of Instagram. Happy thoughts, and tiny mindset changes, but no systemic change or life-altering actions.


This is new to me and something I will think about. Thanks!

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