Thought of the day: Debate Class should be banned. It teaches you do double down on everything and treats seeing things from another point of view as loss.

And the leftist twitter crowd will agree, thinking this is about Debate Guy, but the truth is, they've perfected the art of debate by adding emotional manipulation and threatening to exile the loser, pushing both sides to be as ruthless as possible out of self preservation.

Weird take. I'm not sure where you live but debate classes never taught me to double down on everything. Instead of banning such classes, how about reminding ppl that when presented with proper evidences, ppl should also change their mind? Or have proper critical thinking classes?

@dexter @queeranarchism It also should be used to teach standard logical fallacies earlier, so they aren't used in the arguments. How to properly debate.

@dexter @queeranarchism Though I think I see where the idea might be coming from. Sometimes you have to defend the opposing position then you hold in debate class. This actually is a very good technique to learn the flaws in your own argument, making it better, or if it does change your position, that's good too.

@dexter @queeranarchism When it becomes Appeal to Emotion and Ad Hominum, it's no longer truely a debate. It's a bad faith argument. You are under no obligation to engage in that.


Active listening classes would have been nice.
& non-aggressive communication classes
& conflict resolution classes
& 'how to appreciate experiences contrary to your own without looking for a counter argument' classes

Instead, debate mainly frames a disagreement as something you can win or lose.

Even 'defend a position you don't agree with' isn't framed in a way that teaches genuine compassionate understanding, it mainly teaches you how to make bullshit sound convincing.

Sure if your definition of debate restricts itself with "US/French presidential debates on TV", then yes you are right its utter bullshit. But it doesn't have to look this way. IRL both groups can also choose a middle ground or a third option. However considering today's political climate the classes you mentioned would be more than welcome


I wonder how many people who like to 'debate' ever studied it formally at all in the first place.

Or rescorred so that the goal is reaching an accord it building something useful?

Consensus reaching class? Now that is something I would loooooooove.

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