Whoever created those terrible stickers, smear campaign or rogue faction, it has caused a looooot of groups to finally start talking about the need to reject and stand against , so that's good.

It's bad that it took this long,
and it's bad that XR has been so full of bad takes so far that 'XR goes ecofascist' didn't really stand out as fake,
But at least they're talking about ecofascism being a problem now.

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@queeranarchism and the East Midlands is a flashpoint area; for all its faults it is very ethnically diverse, but I've noticed tensions developing over the years, as for many British Asians and other PoC cars are a socially aspirational thing as part of a culture of "enjoying the fruits of hard work" so tend to be less accepting of eco-activism (I was an outlier in my extended famly, I didn't have a car for over 30 years and literally only got one last year as I needed it for work)

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