I am breaking bonds with 'anarchists' cheer for state-enforced quarantine and authoritarian measures.

The totalitarian states that are forming are dangerous & I don't want collaborators in my life.

However, I wanna acknowledge that when our whole life is turned over rapidly and fear mixes with contradictory information, we don't all get it right. The choices we make when we panic don't define us.

If, a couple of weeks from now, you realize that you made a big mistake, my door is open.

And more broadly: I’m not going to judge people for a long time based on their 1st response to having their life overturned.

I’m not going to view the comrades who immediately joined mutual aid networks as ‘better’ than the once that spend weeks watching movies and processing what just happened to their life.

It’s okay to go through stages of denial. It’s okay to be overwhelmed by all the contradicting reports. It’s okay to now know what to do. Just get through today. And then the next day.

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