We were so close to getting people to understand that 'workers' does not mean 'producing', that the vast majority of salaried and self-employed workers are exploited and that the class struggle is all of us against capital.

& then some of you had to go and write soggy 'the bourgy get to work from home' takes.

Has it occurred to you that you can work at a computer and be an exploited worker?

& People with totally bullshit jobs are still workers and they’re part of this struggle. Self-isolating while doing a bullshit job from home actually really fucking sucks because it’s all the usual grind without seeing your friends afterwards. So have some solidarity with that.

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A ‘real job vs. bullshit job’ analysis is only useful to illustrate how much more useful work we could get done if capitalism was abolished and we could quit all our useless jobs.

It is an absolutely terrible idea to praise workers in ‘real jobs’ at the expensive of workers in ‘bullshit jobs’ and create a moral hierarchy of workers accordingly.

The class struggle means ALL OF US.

@queeranarchism Bullshit job-haver, ehre

It was a little better to work from home for like a week but now I'm back to slowly going insane AND I don't even get to leave the house

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