Cameras per 100 People

United States 15.28
China 14.36
United Kingdom 7.5
Germany 6.27
Netherlands 5.80
Australia 4
Japan 3.95
Vietnam 2.72
France 2.46
South Korea 1.99

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I blocked the douche that started a huge really weird lecture about how 'he could see what party I vote for' (LOL, as if) (also, why is it always the guys whose entire profile is about being a bdsm-dom. Nevermind... I know why).

But anyway, graphing CCTV/km2 against CCTV/100 people was interesting.

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should be mentioned that measuring in CCTV/KM2 by country doesn't capture the huge rural/urban differences.
CCTV density runs into the thousands per square kilometer large cities.

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@queeranarchism @OCRbot without normalization by surface and/or density of population, this says nothing. With density of population and land size of Russia, by example, 100% ratio would mean cameras capturing NOTHING most o times. With density of population and size of Netherlands, 1% of ratio allow cameras to capture everyone more than once per day.

Numbers you show are useless.

OCR Output (chars: 530) 

OCR Output (chars: 530) 


@queeranarchism that's what i'm interested in. A Beijing-New York cctv per person comparison


That shouldn't be difficult.

This study with spreadsheet here puts Beijng at 40 CCTV per 1.000 people and compares a lot of cities.
New York doesn't feature and it's easy to see why. With a little searching my best guess for New York comes at 2 per 1.000 people. Atlanta with 15 per 1.000 people tops the US list.

But remember: city's are often low in number of CCTV per person but high in density.

@queeranarchism I don't know what's worse: that we have more CCTVs per capita in the US than any other country in this list, or that such doesn't even surprise me at this point

@queeranarchism @OCRbot Interesting that UK has fallen behind. The number of CCTV cameras per person could also be an indicator of how authoritarian a society is.

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