An easy way to make you not spend energy on understand an idea is by spreading the misconception that it will be harmful to you.

"Anarchism means no one protects you" for example. That kept me from exploring anarchism for years because as a trans person I needed safety from a violent world.

"Land back for indigenous people means displacement of everyone else" is another such bullshit claim that kept me from seriously exploring land back politics.

@queeranarchism @LunaDragofelis omg people really have no idea what land back would mean it’s wild but sad

@gigavinyl @LunaDragofelis

Yeah, it's unfortunately very easy to convince people that somethings like 'land back' just means whatever would happen whenever white settlers take land.
I'm embarrassed to have believed that, but I feel like owning up to that is an essential part of spreading the 'you are not immune to propaganda' message.

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