Map of all the rallies and demonstrations announced so far for the in France on December 5th.

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@GreenandBlack @queeranarchism hmm. it's hard to tell when they're fighting a good fight, and when they're setting cars on fire just because it's the french tradition

@piggo @GreenandBlack @queeranarchism It's actually easy: we are *always* fighting the good fight. Simple.

@zeh @piggo @GreenandBlack

Yeah. Man, I wish workers in other countries would set cars on fire as often as the French do. Then bosses might actually fear their workers a little bit again, which is how we get things done.
This 'the French strike too much' thing is such bullshit. The French have preserved an active culture of resistance that is dead in most neighboring states. That's what's up.

@queeranarchism @zeh @piggo @GreenandBlack

It should be noted that it is precisely because we French have a tradition of long-lasting social struggles that we also had a socialized system of insurance against all the risks of life (and not financialized capitalist insurance).

And do not stop at what you see on TV, the French do not burn enough cars.

The French strike too much (en) 

re: The French strike too much (en) 

re: The French strike too much (en) 

re: The French strike too much (en) 

re: The French strike too much (en) 

re: The French strike too much (en) 

@Sylvhem @GreenandBlack @queeranarchism i'm just making an observation here, that the french are way more eager to strike and riot than any other european nation.

@GreenandBlack @piggo @queeranarchism actually they try to lower our elders and future elders pensions (wich is totally okay, nothing in the red, even in the future stats show we will have "benefit", cool to have in case of hard time in the future), and to takeover our whole social security system (wich isn't "state owned", its (less and less, ofc) mostly managed by workers unions and "owners" (bosses?) (50/50))

@queeranarchism I'm from France ... and I'm fucking happy to be in Australia when I see this 🤣


France: [is on fire]
canada: ho hum what's the hockey score, double double timmies uh-hyuck

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