One for :
Loudly play copyrighted songs over Nazi demos so videos of their speeches can be reported for copyright violation.
(Also, so many hilarious options)

@queeranarchism Bonis points if you and your friends have a dance party/sing-along/circle pit in the middle of the rally

@queeranarchism make sure the song is always brittney spears just to annoy them

@queeranarchism oh I hope the fresh prince of bel air theme is something that automatic copyright strikes, it would be nostalgic

@queeranarchism i'd say the copyright trolls are a bigger threat though. i dont feel like the weaponisation of dmca is justified, even if it does happen to work against harmful content
@queeranarchism i mean, a lot of the entertainment videos i watched on youtube, they get taken down even though theyre entirely fair use

i guess the real issue here is youtube doesnt care though. people should be using peertube and other alternatives for their vids, anything that has saner reviewing of copyright reports
It's cancer, absolutely cancer and worst of all is that fascism isn't even a threat

It's praising the very worst of thr system with the cheerful glee of a low level down syndrome patient

Absolutely mental


@queeranarchism make it a Disney song just so we can get bastards to be bastards against other bastards

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