One for :
Loudly play copyrighted songs over Nazi demos so videos of their speeches can be reported for copyright violation.
(Also, so many hilarious options)

@queeranarchism Bonis points if you and your friends have a dance party/sing-along/circle pit in the middle of the rally

@queeranarchism oh I hope the fresh prince of bel air theme is something that automatic copyright strikes, it would be nostalgic

@queeranarchism i'd say the copyright trolls are a bigger threat though. i dont feel like the weaponisation of dmca is justified, even if it does happen to work against harmful content
@queeranarchism i mean, a lot of the entertainment videos i watched on youtube, they get taken down even though theyre entirely fair use

i guess the real issue here is youtube doesnt care though. people should be using peertube and other alternatives for their vids, anything that has saner reviewing of copyright reports

@queeranarchism make it a Disney song just so we can get bastards to be bastards against other bastards

@ExperimentV @queeranarchism OMG! Playing Frozen's "Let it Go" would even add the extra layer of making fun of them for not letting their hatred go! 😂

@queeranarchism you have to play jay-z - empire state of mind. guaranteed detection

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