"There are more conservative boomers because the poor die younger” is not itself a bad take.

It’s important to cut through the generational bullshit and get back to class analysis.

But don't replace averages with ‘all the poor and marginalized boomers died and we just have the shitty ones left’.

Yes, we lost a lot of people to poverty and killer cops and preventable diseases and racist violence and the way the state ignored aids and more. But there are still a LOT of survivors.


Older marginalized people are here, they're just not seen or heard, in the way the poor are never seen or heard when they’re not burning stuff down.
They’ve got very little political power so they just go completely ignored. Including by activists.

If there are no old marginalized people in your spaces, it isn’t because they do not exist. You’ve probably never actually put work into including them.

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