"The fight isn't just in the streets, it's important to resist fascists online."
Like... probably sorta true.

But the fact that fascists claim space by getting you to debate them hasn't changed. And they get that space regardless of who wins the debate.

You wanna deny fascists space? Get them banned. Get them blocked. Get them demonetized and defunded. Hack them. Infiltrate them. Undermine them.

But. deny. them. space.

If you desperately wanna debate a fascist in private, knock yourself out. Personally I think debate very rarely changes a fascist mind, experiencing how shit their own community is might. But hey, it's your spare time to spend as you wish.

But the moment you have a debate with a fascist in public, you are normalizing their ideas.
Even if the fascist actually changes their mind (unlikely), you have still contributed to the normalization of the conversation. You always lose.

My block list is expanding as a result of this toot.
Liberals, shoe-horn theorists, fasho-apologists: I do not want to see or be seen by you.

@queeranarchism yup. once you start debating with a fascist they instantly win, because visibility is all they wanted to begin with

@queeranarchism it's all one struggle. online is how they platform themselves and spread their ideology to organise IRL. we cannot do one without the other, no pasaran means the containment and destruction of fascist ideology at all turns. they will be stopped here, they will be stopped on the streets, and they will be stopped in their attempts to spread their ideology online by those who participate in that struggle there


also, get their events cancelled, and blockade venues that don't cancel.


If you employ all those dishonest right-wing tactics, at the end of the day, you will become identical to them.

Your purported ideology doesn't matter.

What you actually do is the only thing that matters in the real world.


LOL, that's some ridiculous shoehorn theory bullshit.

If done wrong, antifascist can be ineffective, it can be toothless, it can be unethical.

But no amount of bad praxis makes antifascism 'identical to fascism'.

Because what makes fascism terrible isn't its dishonesty or its violence, it is and always will be its genocidal ideology. Ya know, the thing that makes it fascism.


please consider that minds can be changed. For example, Daryl Davis and Megan Phelps-Roper.

@queeranarchism Your hypocritical grandstanding and empty, limp-wristed virtue signalling has done nothing to stop the extreme right. If anything it's aided it's resurgence. #pathetic #weaksauce

@queeranarchism 100%, comrade!

Fascism is rooted in fear, specifically the fear of losing power. All the fash hate stems from their identifying a scapegoat and trying to eliminate it to maintain their social privilege. This is not grounded in reason in any way, and reason will not change their minds. This is why galaxy-brain conspiracy theories are so prevalent amongst the far-right: they provide an unfalsifiable narrative that points a finger at an "enemy" that they can then attack with "justification" to assuage this fear and feel like they are maintaining their social status.

The only way no combat fascism is by showing the fascists that their violence cannot maintain their power. This means self-defense. And the most effective self-defense is to deny them the space to carry out their violence in the first place.


I have mixed feelings about trolling fascist spaces. It can be hilarious but the gains are often unclear and there are downsides.
Sharing of successes and more public trolling can unintentionally provide fascists with an audience.
& fascists who think they're only among themselves let their guard down and share information that is useful for doxxing etc.

@queeranarchism @zardoz Have you ever tried trolling Gab though?

You won't regret it :blobcatgiggle2:

@queeranarchism well, IME fascists often take over or disperse communities by being insufferable so everyone who isn't sympathetic to them leaves.

The same can be done by antifascists, just takes a lot of dedicated trolls. Might not be the best thing to do but it's lower risk than infiltration.

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