Advertising contributes nothing to society. Remove it tomorrow and nothing gets worse.

Yet a digital screen at the mall often uses as much electricity as a household and a digital billboard can easily use more than 6 households.

So given the hell we're heading too, it'd be an obvious choice to just switch it all off.

@queeranarchism One thing which you can do, not on the screens AFAIK but all the neons on the outside can be turned off by pulling with a pole on a small box with a lever/handle.
Would recommend doing this in groups and just taking a night walk.

@lanodan @queeranarchism these switches are often in a red metal case and/or marked as "Fire Switch" : (their purpose is for the Fire Brigade to shut off the high voltage supply to neon lamps)

in most countries electric equipment used for advertising displays in public spaces or outdoors has its own isolator for the mains supply, and it often has to be easy to find and operate in emergencies to comply with wiring code.

Most service cabinets use a common set of keys 😉


The numbers? They vary a bit from country to country but they're not at all hard to Duckduckgo for most places.

@queeranarchism I've looked it up and I can't find anything on the energy consumption of an electronic billboard at the mall and considering they're just big screens connected to a network I doubt they consume as much as a household

@dragon @queeranarchism electronic billboards are not like big TV screens. They need way more brightness than a TV or a phone. So most big screens for shows, advertising etc are made from individual LEDs unlike a TV or phone screen.
I found a calculation that says ~700watts per square meter of advertising LED screen:

Some malls, shops etc do use TVs for advertising, those would have lower power usage.

@pinkprius @queeranarchism @f0x thank you both!! Those aren't the same as thge ones they use in malls but the mall ones seem to consume less from what I've found, thanks again for your help ^•^

@dragon @queeranarchism @f0x sorry for the wall of text, this wasn't necessarily directed at u.

@dragon @queeranarchism so a 3x1m billboard would use 2000w per hour, that's 24kwh per day with 12 hours of run time, which is 8760kwh per year. This exceeds the power usage of my household of 3 people by 7 times! We don't use much electricity though.
If we go by utility numbers of what a 3 person hh of 3 would use (without hot water) that would need 3500kwh per year.

@queeranarchism Hm, I'm hesitant to say that advertising doesn't contribute anything to society - we need it so people know that something exists, no matter if we get money out of it or not (best examples are ads for non-profits or FOSS).

The problem is how advertising works - there have to be more humane solutions than huge power-hungry billboards, heavy user tracking & bribing people into telling others how great you are. It just seems like nobody wants to think about that.

@momar @queeranarchism advertising is industrialized psychological manipulation. It does not exist to inform.

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