Copypasting this to the and hashtags:

XR Scotland just did a surprisingly awesome thing, publishing the statement On Class and Climate Struggle: Decolonising XR. They also provided a very good list of critiques of XR on the topic.


A looooooot of XR groups around the world have shared the FB message by Extinction Rebellion Scotland, some citing local examples of how the cops have treated activists of color very different from white activists.

That's not suddenly going to fix XR's flawed strategy or high level of white middle class bullshit, but it's a very good thing none the less. Gotta start somewhere.

@queeranarchism ooo, I'll need to read this and see if that had similar critiques to me

"Yes, the crisis will come for everyone. But there are massively unjust ways this is damaging some people more than others. And when we erase that, when we ignore the voices of those on the frontlines and who have the most at stake, when we focus only on ‘our children’ and not the people who are dying now, we risk leaving space for eco-fascism." :ancomheart:

@queeranarchism That's good. We're trying to get it shared on our local group but there's resistance from some of the Facebook admins apparently...


You could try to use 'look, XR UK hearted the post, XR Netherlands shared it, etc.' as a persuasion tactic?

@queeranarchism good point. xry are going to bring it up. part of the trouble is that some of the resistance comes from POC within XR, meaning you get the weird dynamic where white folks are trying to push our idea equality and inclusiveness on POC which is bad, it kinda defaults the point. we'll see :)

@queeranarchism wow
chanting ‘police, we love you, we’re doing this for your children too’ is possibly the whitest thing somebody could possibly do

except, perhaps, taking away the megaphone of a woman of colour criticising you, and then shouting it

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