Germany asking participants to fill out an online form with name, phone number, city of residence and the questions
- are you prepared to do civil disobedience
- are you prepared to get arrested
- are you prepared to go to jail
- are you active in other action groups

Now can we finally all accept that XR is dangerous?

@queeranarchism and sting is the right word, it's an operation to round up "threats to national security" which apparently is mostly kids protesting climate change these days?

@queeranarchism The florida group asked the same stuff, I took it as part of the movement and checked yes to all of the above, if I'm willing to risk my freedom to smoke a leaf I motherfucking better for the environment.

@queeranarchism yes, and after several public critics they de-published it and made an (unsatisfying) public statement about it.

"Now can we finally all accept that XR is dangerous?"

Where does it ask to do violence? Where does it ask to harm people?

Kapitalisten schaden JEDEM TAG!

@gemlog @queeranarchism right about the part where it asks you to totally dox yourself and asks if you want to be arrested, maybe?

@devin @queeranarchism There is a long tradition of civil disobedience that involves going to jail as a consequence of non-violent protest. e.g. ghandi and mlk.

@gemlog @devin

Sit ins with a certainty of arrest were part of a diversity of tactics. (A not very effective part if you ask me, but a part)

XR believes a specific quantifiable number of arrests and jail sentences will inevitably create change. This idea is bullshit martyrdom-fetishism.

But XR believes it so much that they don't do anything to protect activists from state repression. They happily share information with the cops, they keep online lists of names.. this is dangerous.

@queeranarchism The things they ask here are the things you would expect to happen during a "sitzblockage". I think saying this makes them dangerous is a bit of a stretch. What IS a danger however is climate change, which still isn't being taken serious by the government. So I can understand the urge to do something within the realm of "zivile Ungehorsamkeit".


You are completely missing the point. What is dangerous is making online lists of people with their name, phonenumber and what sort of actions they are ready to do.

'Cause you can be very sure the Feds will be saving those lists and using them to monitor and criminalize climate activists.

This is why most activist groups have what is called a 'security culture', a set of habits that make them difficult to identify and track. The fact that XR ignores all of these is dangerous.

@queeranarchism I'm laughing at the hilarious fail with the fire truck they got in London today. Oh my, what aces.

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